Dear Players, the following changes are:

1. Dungeons joining limit is increased, so more players can enter in dungeons in same time.

2. Changes in Skills:
- [FS] Force Attack skill from +50 attack to +150 attack
- [FB]Art of Curse casting time - 1,2sec -> 0.9sec
- [FB]Hard luck casting time - 1,5sec -> 0.9sec

3. Increased drop rate for:
Sealed Leth Tyrant's ring, Cursed Leth Tyrant's ring, Cursed Bariald ring

4. Magic/Sword skill points increased +500 to every character.

5. The Stats of HP Absorb Limit Up Rune for Lv.1 to Lv.15 are increased. The Lv.15 is from +15 to +50.

6. Blended Runes:
- Cure I - 300hp
- Cure II - 600hp
- Cure III - 1000hp

7. As we mention, we will make some changes in Nation War [170 ~ 190], so we can decide what will be best experience for all classes. If no one is happy with these changes, we will restore the settings as before.
- For now, as start, only the HP is decreased with ~30%.