Hello Dear Players!
We are trying find a good balance formula of all classes, so every class can make similar dmg inside and outside Nation War. Please give us little time to adjust everything and be patient, Thank you!

1. Skills changes:

Mortal Bane - defense -70% to -50% & attack +700 -> +500
BM2 Shield Master - attack +470 -> +400
BM3 Hammer Crusher - attack +530 -> +450

Elemental Enchant[Attack] & Elemental Enchant[Defense] activated to be used for Nation War
The resist from [FB]Passive is decreased by double from their current amount.

Debuff skill: Curse of Wither changes: -20% defense to -400 defense

2. Legacy Guardians Defense are increased for Nation War [170 ~ 190]:
Legacy Guardian (L) - from 3500 to 4000
Legacy Guardian (M) - from 3286 to 3786
Legacy Guardian (S) - from 2909 to 3409
Sage's Ensign - from 4758 to 5500
War Gate (L) - from 3958 to 4458
War Gate (S) - from 3958 to 4458

3. To balance the power of all classes in some dungeons, the following bosses are with increased defense and decreased HP:

- Forgotten Temple B3F
Awakened Dr.Mazel

- Edge of Phantom
Devil Wing Hyperion
Phantom Dark Slayer
Zehgo of Ambition
Etherno Calligo Thantos

- Tower of the Dead B3F (Part2)
Abyss Thenes Wienelander
Lord of Carnage Pravitas Essentia
Eliana Estrella
Arrogant Ibeltos
Black Sage Archimedeon

- Hollya Keldrasil
Arrayhorn of the Flash
Mong Hwan's Dragon Piccia
Watcher Baur
Wind Queen

- Pandemonium
Death Knight Hell's Baldus
Hell's Kirlin
Manticore The Gatekeeper of Hell
Commander Chief of Demons
Immortal Demon Resurrected Knicks

- Mirage Island
Watchman Tolerant
Destroyer Grogo
Slayer Grogo
Temple Guardian Golem
Watchman Darthpencio
Island Ruler Bariald

We will re-adjust, if some other things are unbalanced. We thinking also what to do with the Wizard class, so we can make it to be equal strong in dungeons, as in Nation War.

4. Added old costume in Webshop, called Suit of Skaild: