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  • Halloween Event

    Hello Dear Players,
    Halloween Event is ready and it's based on three ways:

    1. Dungeon Event
    - Collect Halloween Tickets from the event dungeon and exchange them for awesome items in Yul NPC!
    * Entry is on N shop and Dungeon Shop NPC at Bloody Ice and cost 1,000,000 Alz.

    2. Kill and Steal cores from Jack-o Lantern, Kid Jack and CABAL Lantern in the following maps:
    - Bloody Ice (x:147, y:25)
    - Desert Scream (x:149, y:223)
    - Green Despair (x:199, y:187)

    3. Demonite Upgrade Event
    - Buy Demonite gear or weapons with 7 days duration from our Upgrade Event shop at Yul NPC and upgrade them to +15, to remove the duration forever!
    * Doesn't matter if you will use Slot Extender (Ultimate) on them, the duration will be removed and the item will become permanent, when you make the item to +15!

    Event is working in all channels! It will end on 15 November! Enjoy!


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    About donations for the server, write to: