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New Update 211022

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  • New Update 211022

    Dear Players, New update is released! The changes are:

    1. Dungeon Point changes:
    - DP Limit is changed from 300 to 600 DP and Expiration Date is changed from 24 to 72 hours.

    2. Skills changes:
    Resist Intension: increased values, from 10% to 30%.
    Regeneration: HP/MP Restore 6 (per 2 seconds), to 60 (per 2 seconds)

    3. Drop rate increased for 1slot demonite items in Holy Windmill & Terminus Machina

    4. Craft system:
    - Demonite Orb & Crystal require now per 16x Dark Discs lv.5 and 16x Quartz Core (Demonite), instead per 10x.

    5. High Grade Weapons/Gears - Amp Slot changes:

    [For SIGMetal / Mithril / Archridium]

    By default it was:
    1 slot = 7% AMP
    2 slots = 14% AMP
    3 slots = 21% AMP

    After the changes:
    1 slot = 7% AMP
    2 slots = 10% AMP
    3 slots = 12% AMP

    About questions like, why is nerfed? I can tell you that, after several tests, when you hit some mob with Archridium gear, it was heavy damage, like 5k DMG more than Demonite even, which is unacceptable. After the nerf, it still hits heavy, but it's like 1-2k DMG more than Demonite/Palladium, which is lot better. Now the defense will play a role and the players will choose what gear will fit better for their class for dungeons or wars.

    6. The resist stats from Upgrade Passive Skill are removed from every class character.

    7. In T-Point shop we added new items:
    Upgrade Core (Ultimate) - 50 TP
    Force Core (Ultimate) - 50 TP
    Core Enhancer (Ultimate) - 50 TP
    Core Superior (Ultimate) - 50 TP

    8. Slot Extender (Ultimate) is added in Webshop for 50,000 CC.
    - Can be found in Usable Category or in "N" shop in-game.

    9. The regen of all mobs in Chaos Arena Lv.8, Holy Willmill and Terminus Machina are disabled. (just very little to the last bosses)

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: