Hello Dear Players!
Christmas Event is ready and also we prepared you new update!

Let's start first with the newer update:

1. Tower of the dead 1 & Tower of the dead 2:
- I made them like before, to drop per 3 quest items, because somehow becomes bugged, when i try to make it to drop only 1 quest item.

2. PVE Buff - Ice Blade is back in game! This time will give you +60 attack and with duration 9000 seconds.
- You can buy the book from BI/DS/GD/PL

3. New cube with all essence runes level 2:
- You can buy it from Yul NPC - WarCoin Shop for 30 warcoins.

4. Demonite gear drops in Holy Windmill is increased by double.

5. Essence Rune - Defense Rate is increased from 225 to 500 for PVE.

6. All skills with 9009 seconds duration are fixed to exactly 9000.

7. Passive skills visual stats bug is fixed now, it will show you everything correctly.

8. On the mini map could be viewed the descriptions of the dungeons of each map. (if some dung missing, i will fix it soon)

9. Damage limit is unlocked:
- From now on you will be able to see your whole damage, when you hit someone.

10. Extended Alz in the following places:
- Extended Mail alz limit: 1T Alz
- Extended Trade alz limit: 1T Alz
- Extended Auction House alz limit: 1T Alz
- Extended Personal Shop alz limit: 1T Alz
- Extended Warehouse alz limit: 5T Alz
- Extended Inventory alz limit: 5T Alz

11. Guild Emblems are updated!

And now about the Christmas Event, here are the details:

* Red Socks
- The Red Socks will drop from mobs in the following dungeons:
Forbidden Island
Altar of Siena B2F
Illusion Castle Underworld (Apocrypha)
Illusion Castle Radiant Hall (Apocrypha)

* Bad Santa
- The Bad Santa will be walking around somewhere in these maps:
Arcane Trace
Nostalgia Forest

Red Socks Items:

[ACCBIND]Heroic holly water 15min
[ACCBIND]Extreme holly water 15min
[ACCBIND]Evasion lvl3
[ACCBIND]Evasion lvl4
[ACCBIND]Resistance potion
[ACCBIND]Leap a hero
[ACCBIND]Summon a hero
[ACCBIND]Odd Circle
[ACCBIND]Pet untrain kit
[ACCBIND]Pet untrain option
[ACCBIND]Sleeping kit lvl 10
[ACCBIND]Pet rename
[ACCBIND]Pet safety
Yekaterina VIP Membership - 20 days duration
Santa Coat
Antler red nose
Winter Fever
Winter Cap
Santa Hood

Bad Santa Items:

Red Socks
Upgrade Core (Highest)
Force Core (Highest)
Santa's Sleigh - 3 Days duration
[ACCBIND]Holy Water of Sage (30 min)
[ACCBIND]Holy Water of Critical Strike (30 min)
[ACCBIND]Holy Water of Fighter (30 min)
[ACCBIND]Holy Water of Resistance
[ACCBIND]Holy Water of Flawless Defense
[ACCBIND]Evasion Potion (Lv. 3)
[ACCBIND]Evasion Potion (Lv. 4)
[ACCBIND]Odd Circle
[ACCBIND]Honorable Circle
[ACCBIND]Pet Name Card
[ACCBIND]Pet Untrain Kit
[ACCBIND]Slot Extender (High)
[ACCBIND]Pet Untrain Kit - Option
[ACCBIND]Rename Card
[ACCBIND]Slot Extender (Highest)
[ACCBIND]Critical Rate II
[ACCBIND]Max Critical Rate Up II
[ACCBIND]Magic Attack II
[ACCBIND]Armor Option Scroll (Highest) - Critical rate
[ACCBIND]Armor Option Scroll (Highest) - Max Critical rate
[ACCBIND]Weapon Option Scroll (Highest) - Critical rate

Christmas Event will end on 08.01.2023

Have a nice game!