Hello Dear Players,
We prepared
Valentine Event specially for you!

The event is for newbies and also for old players. About the event:
Special red roses drops in some dungeons and you have to bring them to
Yul NPC to exchange them for some special items.

The red roses can be found in the following dungeons:
- Forgotten Temple B1F
- Volcanic Citadel
- The Frozen Tower of the Dead B1F
- The Frozen Tower of the Dead B2F
- Forbidden Island
- Altar of Siena B1F
- Altar of Siena B2F
- Pandemonium
- Forgotten Temple B2F
- Forgotten Temple B3F
- Maquinas Outpost
- Mirage Island

Also, we prepared you Big Franky bosses, where can be hunted on these maps (2x per map):
- Mutant Forest
- Pontus Ferrum
- Porta Inferno
- Arcane Trace
- Senillinea
- Nostalgia Forest

Big Franky DropList :

Broken Devil's Horn
Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B3F
Mirage Bottle
Potion of Luck (50 000 000)
Evasion Potion (Lv.3)
Evasion Potion (Lv.4)
Honor Potion (2 000 000)
Stain Clone
Pet Name Card
Sword Master Potion (lv.3)
Magic Master Potion (lv.3)
Sword Master Potion (lv.4)
Magic Master Potion (lv.4)
MN Coin
Fire Stone
Earth Stone
Wind Stone
Ice Stone
Pet Untrain Kit - Option
Alz Potion (100 000 000)
Alz Potion (200 000 000)
Honor Potion (5 000 000)
Pet Change Kit - Angela
Pet Change Kit - Franky
Pet Change Kit - Fortune Pig
Pet Change Kit - Golden Fortune Pig
Odd Circle
Honorable Circle
Slot Extender Highest
Alz Potion (500 000 000)
Alz Potion (1 000 000 000)
Honor Potion (10 000 000)
Wexp Saver (1000 wexp)
Blended Rune : Cure I
Blended Rune : Cure II
Blended Rune : Cure III
Blended Rune : Defenseless I
Blended Rune : Defenseless II
Blended Rune : Defenseless III
Blended Rune : Shield Smash I
Blended Rune : Shield Smash II
Blended Rune : Shield Smash III
Blended Rune : Strike Pray I
Blended Rune : Strike Pray II
Blended Rune : Strike Pray III
Blended Rune : Crushing Fist I
Blended Rune : Crushing Fist II
Blended Rune : Crushing Fist III
Blended Rune : Sensibility I
Blended Rune : Sensibility II
Blended Rune : Sensibility III
Blended Rune : Counter Force I
Blended Rune : Counter Force II
Blended Rune : Counter Force III

Event is extended until 2 March 2023!

I believe that you will enjoy on this event! Have fun and expect new updates too!