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  • New Update

    Dear Players, new update is here:

    1. Increased Bringer title stats: (the effect will be applied from the next bringer)
    - HP increased from +700 to +1400
    - Resist Critical Rate increased from +10% to +15%
    - Resist Critical Damage increased from +20% to +35%

    2. The abused entry for Chaos Arena 8 from the quest "The Battle Field of Chaos" is now fixed.(the entry is removed from there)

    3. Dungeon Changes:
    - Terminus Machina - All mobs HP decreased by 50% and last boss spike attack bug should be solved.
    - Holy Windmill - All mobs HP decreased by 50%

    4. Skill Changes:
    - [FA] Offensive Bless skill is back in the game. The skill can be found in instructor. The stats of the skill is +50 magic attack and you won't be able to use it in Nation War!
    - [BL]Fatality Increase,[WI]Raise Spirit and [WA]Art of Shout now can be casted without party!

    5. About Valentine Event:
    - Roses drop rate is increased!

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: