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  • New Update!

    Hello Dear Players, The new update is ready!
    We tried to balance all classes for PVE and PVP with great help of the players feedback and the staff, so this update contains exactly these changes, before to start to work on the newer dungeons and accessories.

    1. Changes in Nation War:
    - Stormy and Luminous kill titles: From now on, the opposite nation titles can be used & Kills will be counted for both nations, no matter what nation you are.
    - From now on, the losers from Nation War will take similar WEXP amount like the winners.

    Here is screenshot from in-game:

    2. Nation War Handicap is reworked:
    - It's more like experiment! We trying to implement: The loser nation, to get additional players on the battlefield, but not too much like before and in this way the battle to become more interesting for all of you. If i am not able to manage it perfect like it should, then i will bring it back like before.

    3. New, permanent, lower prices of the black transmuters:
    Black transmuter in Webshop = from 3000 CC to 300 CC
    Black transmuter in N shop = from 3000 CC to 300 CC
    Black transmuter in WEXP shop = from 20000 WEXP to 900 WEXP

    4. Skills Changes:
    Bear's Vitality: Added defense +700 / Cooldown from 300s to 180s / Duration 90s to 30s
    Cat's Recovery: HP regen +350 to +600 / Duration 60s to 40s
    Bloody Spirit : Resist Critical Damage -78% to -138%
    Soul of Warrior: Attack from +80 to +230
    Panic Cry: Resist Skill Amp removed from the skill and boosted Resist Critical Damage from -56% to -86%

    Intuition : Added Defense +700 / Duration 15s to 30s
    Art of Fierceness: Add damage from +400 to +2000 / Duration 30s
    Natural Hiding: Resist unmove from 25% to +40% / Added Defense +100 / Duration 45s to 9000s
    Curse Dodge : Now is able to cast it without a party / Duration 54s to 20s / Cooldown 180s to 60s

    Execration: Duration 20s to 15s / Cooldown 60s to 40s
    Field Of Execration: Duration 20s to 15s / Cooldown 180s to 90s
    Art of Curse: Duration 20s to 15s
    Enervation: Duration 25s to 90s / Added Resist Critical Damage -40%
    Hard Luck: Duration 20s to 40s

    PVE Buff - Magic Power: Magic Attack +100 to +250

    PVE Buff - Offensive Bless : Attack +50 to +200

    PVE Buff - Force Attack: Attack +150 to +300

    *** These changes aren't definitive at this moment, so we will monitoring in the next few days and we are open for suggestions and corrections! ***

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