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  • New Update!

    Hello Dear Players!
    Had to make this update, before to release any new dungeons in our server.

    - New coin has been made - DGCoin:

    This coin will be rewarded per every hour, to every online character (can be received from CC Inventory), but depends what honor rank you are and depends your playing time.

    When you got such coins, you will be able to buy some entries of our special dungeons.

    From now on, dungeons like Holy Windmill and Terminus Machina are added in the list as special dungeons. So, firstly, you have to buy the dungeon quest item from the Dungeon Shop NPC in Bloody Ice or from N shop for the same price as before (20 Wexp). After this, you have to buy the entry from Yul NPC (Green Despair) -> Dungeons Entry Shop, which entry will cost 1x quest item (where you bought for 20wexp) and 1x DGCoin.

    As i mentioned, you will be rewarded with DGCoin every hour, but for that you must be at least honor rank 16.

    The DGCoin rewards system is working in this way:

    - If you are under honor rank 16: You won't receive DGCoins.
    - If you are honor rank 16-17: You will receive per
    2x DGCoins every hour.
    - If you are honor rank 18-19: You will receive per
    3x DGCoins every hour.
    - If you are honor rank 20: You will receive per
    5x DGCoins every hour.

    * The maximum reward you can get: If you are honor rank 20 and you stay 6 hours online without to re-login. Then you will be rewarded with 18x DGCoins. Every next hour, after these 6 hours, won't be rewarded until you not re-login.

    * Your minutes online will be saved, so you don't have to worry, if you eventually re-login. You can re-login anytime and when you collect 60 minutes of play time, then you will be rewarded.

    * The DGCoins will be rewarded when you login or re-login with your character.

    This system has been made, because of the hackers, which trying to use hacks in dungeons. We trying our best to protect the server!
    If you have some questions regarding this system, you can ask our Game Advisors.

    Have a nice game!
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