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    Hello Dear Players,
    The new update is ready and this time I will present you our Force Wing system.
    This system isn't the same one as Official EU, but I think it's simple and very interesting. So, let me explain you how it works:

    First of all, GM Blessing Buff being replaced by the Force Wing Buff and the duration remain the same (9000 seconds). And yes, it's in the same way like GM Buff: When you vote - you will get activated Force Wing Buff. This Buff is also PVE only!

    Every character starts with Force Wing Buff Level 1, then you will have to buy Potion of Wing EXP to upgrade the buff to higher level, so you can become stronger. Force Wing Buff varies from lv.1 to maximum level 20.

    You can find the Potion of Wing EXP in:

    Green Despair -> Yul NPC -> Force Wing Potion Shop:

    Potion of Wing EXP (50) = 500,000,000 Alz
    Potion of Wing EXP (200) = 2,000,000,000 Alz
    Potion of Wing EXP (1000) = 10,000,000,000 Alz


    Webshop -> Usables:

    Potion of Wing EXP (50) = 250 Cabal Cash
    Potion of Wing EXP (200) = 1000 Cabal Cash
    Potion of Wing EXP (1000) = 5000 Cabal Cash

    * When you use the potion, then you can relog to read your message in mail, about your last used potion and your current EXP.

    Here you can see the required EXP for each level:

    Here you can check the stats of the buff in level 1 and in level 20:

    Also we made ranking system in our website: Ranking -> Top Wing. The Top 20 characters with the highest amount of Force Wing EXP.

    Have a nice game!
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    About donations for the server, write to: