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MoonNight Summer Event

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  • MoonNight Summer Event

    Hello Everyone ! We made summer event and i hope everyone will enjoy it ^^

    First part of Summer Event :

    You will have to collect Swimtrainer in this dungeons :

    - Dungeon Name : Mirage Island
    Entry Name : Mirage bottle

    - Dungeon Name : Illusion Castle Underworld (Apocrypha)
    Entry Name : Illusion Castle Underworld (Apocrypha)

    - Dungeon Name : Illusion Castle Radiant Hall (Apocrypha)
    Entry Name : Illusion Castle Radiant Hall (Apocrypha)

    - Dungeon Name : Hollya Keldrasil
    Entry Name : Mysterious Twigs

    You will have to collect Beach Ball in this dungeons :

    - Dungeon Name : Holy Windmill
    Entry Name : Holy Windmill Enter Key

    - Dungeon Name : Terminus Machina
    Entry Name : Broken Circuit Chip

    - Dungeon Name : Ancient Tomb
    Entry Name : Key of Hidden Tomb

    - Dungeon Name : Labyrinth
    Entry Name : Dragon Slate

    You need 10x Swimtrainer and 10x Beachball + 50 000 000alz to open Cocktail (box)

    Cocktail item list :

    Max Critical Rate II rune
    Critical Rate II rune
    Defense Lv1 upgrade skill
    Hp Lv1 upgrade skill
    Rune Critical DMG II
    Rune Magic attack II
    Rune Attack II
    Rune HP II
    Rune Defense II
    Rune Sword Skill Amp.
    Rune Magic Skill Amp.
    Rune Max Critical Rate
    Rune Critical Rate
    Rune Critical Damage
    Rune HP Absorb
    Rune Magic Attack
    Rune Attack
    Rune Defense
    Rune HP
    Alz Potion 10 000 000
    Alz Potion 100 000 000
    Alz Potion 200 000 000
    Alz Potion 300 000 000
    Alz Potion 500 000 000
    Potion of courage 50 wexp
    Potion of courage 100 wexp
    Potion of courage 300 wexp
    Potion of Courage 500 wexp
    Demons Bracelet Box
    Magic Master potion 5x
    Sword Master potion 5x
    Holy Water of Fighter 5x
    Holy Water of Critical Strike 5x
    Holy Water of Sage 5x
    Holy Water of Resistance 5x
    Holy Water of Flawless Defense 5x
    Vital Potion Lv3 5x
    Extreme Holy Water 5x
    Heroic Holy Water 5x
    Evasion Potion Lv4 5x
    Palladium Box
    Safeguard (Ultimate)
    Odd Circle 5x
    Honorable Odd Circle 5x
    Megaphone 5x
    Pet Untrain Kit (Option)
    Honor Potion 2m
    Palladium Box
    Safeguard (Ultimate)
    StainClone 1x
    Upgrade Core (Ultimate)
    Wing Potion 1000 wing exp
    Wing Potion 200 wing exp
    Wing Potion 50 wing exp

    Second Part of Summer Event :

    Boss : Festival Lion

    Maps :

    Bloody Ice
    Desert Scream
    Green Despair
    Fort ruina
    Undead ground

    Festival Lion Drop List :

    Holy Water of Critical Strike
    Evasion Potion (Lv. 4)
    Evasion Potion (Lv. 3)
    Potion of Luck 25000000
    Potion of Luck 500000000
    Potion of Luck 700000000
    Potion of Luck 50000000
    Potion of Courage 50 wexp
    Potion of Courage 100 wexp
    Heroic Holy Water
    Extreme Holy Water
    Sword Master Potion (Lv. 3)
    Sword Master Potion (Lv. 4)
    Magic Master Potion (Lv. 3)
    Magic Master Potion (Lv. 4)
    Holy Water of Traveler
    Holy Water of Resistance
    Honorable Circle 2
    X-Gen Card
    Potion of Wing EXP (200)
    Pet Sleeping Kit (Lv. 10)
    Chaos Core
    Pet Untrain Kit - Option
    Pet Name Card
    Pet Slot Extender
    Potion of Honor 2500000
    Yekaterina VIP Membership
    Yekaterina Special Membership
    Odd Circle
    Giftbox - Black Transmuter
    Blended Rune : Cure III
    Blended Rune : Sword Pressure III
    Blended Rune : Force Pressure III
    Demon's Earring + 7
    Demon's Earring + 8
    Skill Book (Attack Lv.2)
    Skill Book (Magic Attack Lv.2)

    Event will finish 15.09.2023. at 00:00 server time

    Have Fun everyone.

    Due summer vacations we are a bit late with updates, but be sure we gonna apply new updates soon =)