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  • New Update

    Dear Players, our new update is ready! The changes are:

    1) Force Blader:

    - New PVE Buff : Elemental Enchant:

    *Skill book ca be bought from BI,DS,GD,PL at Instructor NPC

    - Mana Freeze decreased from -3000 to -2000 Mana steal

    2) Blader:

    - Intuition skill defense option is removed

    - Force Kick cooldown time is decreased by 50%

    3) New Essence Rune: MP II

    *The rune is droppable only in Ancient Tomb & Labyrinth (Dragon Chest & Legendary Chests)

    4) New Demonīs Ring (Demonīs Ring of Amp)

    * Default Demonīs Ring is renamed into Demonīs Ring of Annihilation
    * Both Rings can only be dropped within Flame Nest Dungeon - Legendary Chest

    5) General Changes:

    - The Combo skill is extended , you will like it! :)

    - [Nation War] Force Tower- Warp & Resurrection HP is increased , from 683594 HP to 2000000 HP

    - Saints Force Calibur Weapon drop delay decreased from 30 to 0 seconds

    - Guild Emblems are updated

    We will keep working on new updates!

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: