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  • NEW UPDATE - Part 2

    Hello Dear Players,
    We made new update of the game and here is changelog:

    - New Dungeon: Abandoned City
    * Entry item is added in our Dungeon NPC Shop in Bloody Ice.

    - New Monsters and Bosses - Abandoned City

    - New Set Effects\Epaulets\Sets\Weapons: Palladium
    * These items are droppable in dungeon: Abandoned City

    - Change Appearance from All Sets to Palladium and reverse.

    - Added Palladium for Auction House.

    - New skills for each class:
    * Lightning Revenge
    * Multiple Canon
    * Arrow Forest
    * Shield Taunt
    * Hawk Hunter
    * Over Whelming

    - Alz inventory/warehouse limit is increased from 50b to 1000b, so no more login bugs. Trade alz limit is increased to 50b.

    - New anticheat. This anticheat will protect alot better, than our previous and for sure will have much less hackers.

    - Dungeons Single\Party records are cleared.

    - Slot Extender (Highest) is with different price from now on. Instead 7000 CC, the price is increased double - 14000 Cabal Cash.

    Palladium set and weapons are increased by little, than Archridium set and you will see that everything is maded to be balanced and to have fun for all players. About the newer dungeon, i can suggest you to be in full party, because the dungeon is maded to be hard and to be played tactically.

    If your client is up-to-date, you can patch your game manually, when you download [THIS PATCH] and replace it in the game folder.


    Or just start our launcher and your game will be updated automatically, but is possible to take little more time, because the update file is large.

    To few weeks, expect new updates with new costumes and some more new items. Have a nice game!

    MN Cabal Online
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