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  • NEW UPDATE - Part 3

    Hello Dear Players,
    We worked hard on this update, because we wanted the server to become balanced again like before. The newest update is ready and here is changelog about it.

    Fixes :

    - The newer skills stats are fixed - they are calculated for every class and are increased by the previous top skill of each class.
    - Palladium Daikatana and Greatsword stats are increased: +30 attack and +100 attack rate.
    - Warrior class: Battle mode 3 - Axe attack A and B are frame balanced.
    - Battle mode 3 Animation bug is fixed.
    - Male/Female posture is fixed.
    - Force Archer Forest Arrow skill animation bug is fixed.
    - Epaulets Archridium/Palladium drop rate is increased in all dungeons.
    - Slot Extender High/Highest drop rate is increased by a little.
    - Bikes Blue/RW3 drop rate is decreased.

    In game changes / new things :

    - The 4x Extra channels are temporary stopped, they will be started again in few weeks.
    - Key of Infinity entry is removed from Grocer shop in Bloody Ice and added in Dungeon Entry Shop for 10cc.
    - New Cubes: Drei Frame, Archridium and Palladium are added in DP Shop in Bloody Ice.
    - Old wings are removed from WEXP and T-Point shop and added in webshop (permanent - account binding).
    - Archridium and Palladium items are now destroyable.
    - Vote System Cabal Cash reward are double decreased.
    - Guild emblems are updated.

    WEXP Shop Changes (new items added) :

    -Slot Extender (Highest) - 30 000 Wexp
    -Slot Extender (High) - 20 000 Wexp
    -Perfect Core (Highest) - 5 000 Wexp
    -Megaphone (10 pieces) - 3 000 Wexp
    -Odd Circle - 7 000 Wexp

    New Premium Shop Sign (7 days) - 250 CC - You can find this item in Webshop section: Usable
    Description: Carrying this item in the inventory enables you to open a Premium Shop; it's effect applies automatically upon opening up a Personal Shop.

    - Latest WebShop Items Npc in Bloody Ice is updated.

    WebShop changes :

    Blessing Bead - WEXP is added in WebShop
    - Blessing Bead - Wexp (10%) 7 days - 1 000 CC
    - Blessing Bead - Wexp (20%) 7 days - 1 500 CC
    - Blessing Bead - Wexp (25%) 7 days - 2 000 CC

    - Blessing Bead - Plus price is changed from 350 CC to 1 000 CC

    - Slot Extender (Highest) is decreased from 15 000 CC to 10 000 CC

    - Old Cabal Wings (Red, Gold, Silver, Purple, Black, Yellow Red, Orange, Green Yellow, Light Blue, Pink Blue and Blue) are PERMANENT and added in Webshop section "Wings" - they cost 8 000 CC.

    Added new wings - PERMANENT ACCOUNT BIND - 10 000 CC

    Cabal Wing - Dark
    Cabal Wing - Blue Angel
    Cabal Wing - Handmade
    Cabal Wing - Black Dragon
    Cabal Wing - Guardian
    Cabal Wing - Light
    Cabal Wing - Summoner

    Animated new wings - PERMANENT ACCOUNT BIND: 20 000 CC

    Cabal Animated Wing - Golden
    Cabal Animated Wing - Red
    Cabal Animated Wing - Eagle

    New Weapon Skins - 1 300 CC

    Cherry Blossom - Orb
    Cherry Blossom - Katana
    Cherry Blossom - Blade
    Cherry Blossom - Crystal
    Cherry Blossom - Daiktana
    Cherry Blossom - Greatsword

    Gold Dragon - Orb
    Gold Dragon - Katana
    Gold Dragon - Blade
    Gold Dragon - Crystal
    Gold Dragon - Daikatana
    Gold Dragon - Greatsword

    Demon's Bone - Orb
    Demon's Bone - Katana
    Demon's Bone - Blade
    Demon's Bone - Crystal
    Demon's Bone - Daikatana
    Demon's Bone - Greatsword

    New Hats - 800 CC

    Devil Horn
    Drunken Pirate
    Twisted Zombie
    Minesta Tabby
    Minesta Shorthair
    Ebony Garlie
    Ruby Garlie
    Crystal Garlie
    Panda Doll Mask
    Bear Doll Mask
    Shark Doll Mask
    Rabbit Doll Mask
    Lion Doll Mask
    Tiger Doll Mask
    Dinosaur Doll Mask

    New Costumes - 2 000 CC :
    - Old costumes are replaced with these:

    Wind Western is replaced for Imperial Dress
    Mystic Blade is replaced for CABAL New School Uniform
    Costume Rin is replaced for Aizhan Dress (Female) - for Male is football dress.
    Brazil Soccer is replaced for Ruller of the Night
    Epaulet of Yuan is replaced for Stripe Suit
    Epaulet of Skalid is replaced for New Dracula Suit.

    If you want to download this update as fast is possible: GET FROM HERE

    We are not able to show you images of the newer items right now, but you can find them in internet how they looks.

    If you find bug, please send us email to and explain about it! We will try to fix it as soon is possible!

    So soon expect one more dungeon: Dungeon Event (It will be big fun for everyone)

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