Hello Dear Players!

We added new item, which will be very important in-game for everyone. Will be possible to be traded for Alz, Cabal Cash or Items, or just will be collected for some special items like Slot Extender (Highest).

The item is called: "WExp Saver".

Every WExp Saver item is loaded with 2,000 WEXP. This item can be found in "WEXP Exchange Shop" in Bloody Ice and can be bought for 2,000 WEXP.

Also can be registered in Auction House.
Can be found in: Functional Items -> Other Special Items -> Type: ALL

In my opinion WExp Saver (2000 WExp), normal price for selling on Market should be around ~1b Alz.

Screenshot from the WEXP Exchange Shop: CLICK

Have a nice game!

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