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    PS 19.01.2018: Bad graphic, lags and freeze are fixed and the game working perfect now.

    Hello Dear Players!
    We made nicely updates on the server these days and they are:

    - Auto crash bug for Windows 10 now should be fixed! All windows versions should be able to stay online in-game, without the game to crash itself.

    - All dungeons camera are unlocked (free-to-view), just instead "Chaos Infinity" and "Hazardous Valley".

    - Added dungeon entry item "Nearly-Hatching Egg" (Hazardous Valley) for 3 CC in "Dungeon Entry CC Shop" (Bloody Ice).

    - Chaos Arena bug fixed where sometimes drop Alz from Legendary Chest.

    - New drop rate in Forgotten Temple (B2F). You can expect Mithril Set and Weapons 10% AMP and Epaulets +8 and other items like rings, bracelets etc.

    - The Drop rates of Formula Cards from "Arcane Golem" and Forcecalibur mobs: "Taligan", "Gruvanda" are now droppable.

    - Bike Scrolls SSA&MSA are fixed automatically to all players. Now you are able to use them, without to have any problems.

    - Monster: Vengeful Spirit in dungeon "Abandoned City" is decreased attack and attack rate by 33%.

    - Force Blader Belts are with increased duration from 1 day to 1 week.

    - Force Blader Belts are added in Nation War Lobby [ Ellin(Procyon) & Kate(Capella) ] and in Remote Shop NPC.

    - From now on "Quartz Cores" can be extractable from any Mithril, Archridium or Palladium class weapon. Until now you was able to get "Quartz Core" only from Crystals or Orbs.

    - Prideus Bracelet base stats are increased:
    * Attack +15 to Attack +22
    * Magic Attack +15 to Attack +22

    - Pet Name Card is with reduced price from 500 CC to 150 CC in our Webshop.

    - Santa Sleigh Bike is added in GiftBox Boards Category of our Webshop. The price is 1200 CC.

    - New 38 Mercenaries are added in our Webshop in Mercenary Category.
    * Normal Mercenary - 300 CC
    * Rare Mercenary - 500 CC
    * Epic Mercenary - 700 CC
    * Unique Mercenary - 1000 CC

    - Guild emblems are updated.

    - Also i want to say that we increased our costume limit to +64, which means, so soon expect more new and epic costumes for your characters!

    Manual Patch here:

    For any bugs or errors, please sent email address to

    Have a nice game!

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to:

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    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: