Hello Dear Players!
After 2 weeks from the last update, we prepared you another one with some changes and some new items.

1. More new available countries in Fortumo donation system (Total 99 countries).
- When you donate, now you should be able to see and select your country to donate.

2. New costumes and hats:

* Bounty Hunter:
Coat Costume - 2000 Cabal Cash
Helmet Costume - 1000 Cabal Cash

* Jiangshi:
Coat Costume - 2000 Cabal Cash
Hat Costume - 1000 Cabal Cash

3. New Weapon costumes:
- Orb, Katana, Blade, Crystal, Daikatana, Great Sword:

* KA-17: - 1500 Cabal Cash

- The newer costumes can be found only in our webshop page as giftbox items.

4. From now on "[Costume] New Dracula Suit" is changed to "[Costume] Archfiend Armor"

5. [Item Option Adding] Success Chance is increased from 99% to 100% only for all class weapons and set parts, which are upgraded to +15 and +10 Force core (Highest)! (visual in-game showing 99.00%, but it's 100% on server side)

6. Palladium Epaulets are decreased by 50% in Dungeon: Abandoned City

7. The guild emblems are updated.

- Manual Patch Link: http://www.cabalbg.com/patch030218.zip

- Tommorow will be released screenshots of wings costumes, so you can see all of them.
PS: The screenshots are ready! Click here to Preview

Expect more new updates, such as: Guild/PVP War Ranking System, New Awakened Dungeon with special awakened ring, New Map, New kind of box item and more new wings and costumes.