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New items in T-Point Shop

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  • New items in T-Point Shop

    New items are added in our T-Point Shop (Bloody Ice). As you know on every 7 minutes online, you receive per 1 T-Point. To check how much T-Points you have, in game you will see this button , click there and you will check them.

    The new items are:
    Remote Shop Card (Permanent) = 200 TP
    Pet Untrain Kit = 100 TP
    Pet - Red Garlie = 300 TP
    [Costume] Cabal High School = 800 TP
    [Costume] Pumpkin Helmet = 100 TP
    [Costumes] Capella/Procyon (WI, BL, WA, FB, FA, FS) = 400 TP
    Odd Circle 5x = 20 TP
    Extract Potion (STR) 5x = 10 TP
    Extract Potion (INT) 5x = 10 TP
    Extract Potion (DEX) 5x = 10 TP
    Holy Water of Vitality 5x = 50 TP
    Vital Potion (Level 3) 5x = 25 TP
    Sword Potion (Level 3) 5x = 50 TP
    Magic Potion (Level 3) 5x = 50 TP
    Summon of Heroes 5x = 50 TP
    Leap of Hero 5x = 50 TP

    Balanced items prices:
    Perfect Core (Medium) = 150 TP
    Perfect Core (High) = 300 TP
    Perfect Core (Highest) = 500 TP

    Expect more items to be added and in Yul NPC too!

    Best Regards,
    MN Cabal Online
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