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April Update 1/3

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  • April Update 1/3

    Hello Dear Players!
    We prepared you new update of the game, which includes the following things:

    1. Yul NPC Modification:
    - "Tempus Ring" section is with changed name "Craft Items", inside you will find the Tempus Ring and some other items, which can be crafted also. With the time this section will be updated with some more items.

    2. New material item: Material of Pain
    - This is the missing part of Amulet of Pain! If you collect the needed amounts of this material, then you will be able to craft or upgrade Amulet of Pain +7 with additional option from our lovely NPC Yul, in section "Craft Items". The material is droppable only in the newer dx dungeon: Edge of Phantom!

    3. New DX Dungeon: Edge of Phantom
    * Max User: 2
    * Entry Item: Broken Epaulet of the Dead
    * DP: 7
    * Required level: Level 190, Location: Undead Ground (X:111 Y:131)
    - You can buy the entry item in Bloody Ice: Dungeon Entry CC Shop (NPC) for 3 CC.

    - Drop rate of the DX Dungeon:
    * Rings
    * Earrings
    * Bracelets
    * Perfect Cores
    * Slot Extenders
    * Core Superiours
    * Material of Pain
    * Astral Bikecard - Type: RW3
    * Astral Bikecard - Type: Blue
    * Archridium Sets
    * Archridium Weapons
    * Archridium Epaulets
    * Palladium Epaulets
    * [RARE]Weapon Option Scrolls (Highest)
    * [RARE]Armor Option Scrolls (Highest)

    4. New Essence Rune: Critical Rate

    - The newer essence rune can drop in:
    * Dungeon: Undead Tower (B3F)
    * Dungeon: Abandoned City
    * Map: Senillinea, Bosses: Lesser Panda King, Enthiud, Wolf Leader and Meer King.

    5. New item for crafting: Amulet of Pain +7 with additional options in Yul NPC.
    - You can craft Amulet of Pain +7 and you will be able to upgrade it, when you collect the required parts.

    The system working like this:
    5x AOP+6 + 10x Material of Pain + 400,000,000 Alz = Amulet of Pain+7
    1x AOP+7 + 15x Material of Pain + 600,000,000 Alz = AOP+7 with 8% All Skill AMP (Character Bind)
    1x AOP+7 with 8%AMP + 25x Material of Pain + 900,000,000 Alz = AOP+7 with 10% All Skill AMP (Character Bind)

    6. Guild Emblems are updated.

    * Turtle event is stopped for now, later will be started again.

    You can find manual patch here: DOWNLOAD
    - Just replace the files to your game client and start the game.

    Expect 2 more dungeons and new accessories in the next updates.
    The next part of the update will be released to 1 week around.

    Have fun!

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