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May Update 3/3

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  • May Update 3/3

    Hello Dear Players!
    This update had to be for the end of April month, but i made delay and i am so sorry about this, that's why for compensation i maded Double Voting Event and 50% Donation Event for 1 week.

    This update includes the following things:

    1. New Dungeon: Forgotten Temple B3F
    * Max User: 7
    * Entry Item: Muster Card: Forgotten Temple B3F
    * DP: 20
    * Required level: Level 190, Location: Forgotten Ruin (X:193 Y:36)
    - You can buy the entry item in Bloody Ice - NPC: "Dungeon Entry CC Shop" for 3 CC.

    - Drop rate of the dungeon:
    * Rings,
    * Earrings,
    * Bracelets,
    * Perfect Cores,
    * Slot Extenders,
    * Astral Bikecard - Type: PW5 1/2 slots,
    * Astral Bikecard - Type: RW3 1/2 slots,
    * Astral Bikecard - Type: Blue 1/2 slots,
    * Essence Rune - Critical Rate,
    * Palladium Sets,
    * Palladium Weapons,
    * Palladium Epaulets,
    * Archridium Epaulets,
    * [RARE]Weapon Option Scrolls (Highest)
    * [RARE]Armor Option Scrolls (Highest)

    2. New Items: Awakened Tyrant's Ring and Cursed Tyrant's Ring
    - Cursed Tyrant's Ring is [Quest Item], where can drop from the last boss "Awakened Dr.Mazel" in Forgotten Temple B3F. This quest item is needed to exchange your Leth Tyrant's Ring with Awakened Tyrant's Ring, from "Yul NPC" (Green Despair) in "Craft Items" section.

    The options of Awakened Tyrant's Ring are:

    3. The bosses and monsters in Dungeon: Abandoned City are with decreased HP and Attack. Now it's time for hunting :P

    4. PW5 Bike is with increased speed from 900 to 1000 (~10% more faster).

    5. Essence Rune: Critical Rate is added into Essence Rune Cube.
    14.05.18: Re-edited Rune drop rate is decreased.

    - Expect Eternal Arena with Talismans, new features for Nation War, more balanced hero classes and that's not all... :)))

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: