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New Update - June

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  • New Update - June

    Hello Dear Players!
    We released new update of the game, which includes the following things:

    1. New Items: Fragment of Chaos and Chaos Core

    2. New Dungeon: Eternal Chaos Arena
    * Max User: 7
    * Entry Item: Key of Eternity
    * DP: 8
    * Required level: Level 180, Location: Bloody Ice (X:79 Y:23)
    - You can buy the entry item in Bloody Ice - NPC: "Dungeon Entry CC Shop" for 3 CC.

    - Drop rate of the dungeon:
    * Rings,
    * Earrings,
    * Bracelets,
    * Perfect Cores,

    * Slot Extenders,
    * Fragment of Chaos,
    * Astral Bikecard - Type: PW5 1/2 slots,
    * Astral Bikecard - Type: RW3 1/2 slots,
    * Astral Bikecard - Type: Blue 1/2 slots,
    * Essence Rune - Critical Rate,
    * Palladium Sets,
    * Palladium Weapons,
    * Palladium Epaulets,
    * Archridium Epaulets,
    * [RARE]Weapon Option Scrolls (Highest)
    * [RARE]Armor Option Scrolls (Highest)

    - Fragment of Chaos is droppable in Eternal Chaos Arena.

    3. New belts: Minesta's Chaos Belts - Fighter and Sage

    Stats of the belts:

    - To Yul NPC (Green Despair), in craft section are added 16 Formula Cards and Chaos Core, where you can buy one core for 10x Fragments of Chaos and you can buy one Formula Card for 50,000,000 Alz. These Chaos Cores will be needed, if you want to create or upgrade your Minesta's Chaos Belt with these Formula Cards, but you will need to have something more to upgrade your belt!

    Here is more info about the upgrades of the belts:

    - Chaos Core and Minesta's Belts can be registered into Auction House.

    4. From now on, all skills costs 1 Alz.

    5. New upgrade slot for every character class!
    - Now instead 9 free slots, you got 10.

    6. Force Blader Belts are removed and the Blade Buffs Stats are added like Upgrade Skill.
    - If you are Force Blader and you want the Blade Buffs (Fire, Ice, Lightning), you have to go to the instructor in Green Despair and to learn the skill from there, in Transcender section!
    - The upgrade skill contains exactly same stats as Balde Buffs: +117 Attack, +35% Crit.Rate, +15% Crit.DMG
    - The percents of the Crit.DMG and Crit.Rate won't be visual calculated to the character panel, but be sure they are working fine.

    7. Guild Emblems are added.

    8. New animated wings are added in the webshop for 20,000 Cabal Cash.

    Screenshots of the wings:

    [Costume] New Animated Wing #1

    [Costume] New Animated Wing #2

    [Costume] New Animated Wing #3

    [Costume] New Animated Wing #4

    [Costume] New Animated Wing #5

    [Costume] New Animated Wing #6

    [Costume] New Animated Wing #7

    [Costume] New Animated Wing #8

    Have Fun! :)

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