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New Update - August

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  • New Update - August

    Hello Dear Players,
    We released new update of the game, which includes the following things:

    1. Buff skill "Intuition" for class Blader, now is added 15,000 Defense Rate and Duration is decreased from 45 seconds to 20 seconds.
    - With this defense rate of the Blader class with activated "Intuition" buff, will receive more missing hits.

    2. Blader BM3 Attack Skill A is increased from Area 2 to Area 3.
    - Area means the reach of the skill.

    3. Two buff skills of Force Shielder are removed and converted in Upgrade Skill section.
    The skills are: Crushing Blade and Mighty Wish
    - You can buy the upgrade skill "[FS]C.Blade/M.Wish" from Instructor in Bloody Ice.
    - The upgrade skill have same stats as Crushing Blade and Mighty Wish: +60 Attack, +24% Crit.Rate, +45% Crit.DMG
    - The percents of the Crit.DMG and Crit.Rate won't be visual calculated to the character panel, but be sure they are working perfectly, it's just visual bug.

    4. All Minesta's Training Books from Minesta DP Shop (Bloody Ice) costs now 10 DP Points, instead 2 DP.

    5. Time period of the event with Stain Clone's and Chaos Cores in Yul NPC is extended to 10 days more.

    6. Four Bosses are boosted with more HP, DEFENSE and ATTACK in the following DX dungeons:
    * Steamer Crazy (Premium) - Boss Steamer LHJ-86C
    * Panic Cave (Premium) - Boss Nualle
    * Catacomb Frost (Premium) - Boss Cajoler Nazabrum
    * Lava Hellfire (Premium) - Boss Flamebound Eurostia

    7. Legacy Weapon for TG is boosted:

    8. Guild Emblems are updated!

    9. New Event Boss: Franky. This event is same as Turtle Crag Event, just we added new boss skin and new drop items, like different wings with bigger duration, no-bind potions Holy Water of Sage/Fighter/Critical Strike..
    - Franky will be around every channel, Spawning time is on every 4-5 hours. You can find it exactly on these locations:

    Event Boss Franky will end after 2 weeks around.

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: