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Another New August Update 24.08.18

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  • Another New August Update 24.08.18

    Hello Dear Players,
    We released new update of the game, which includes the following things:

    1. Updated "N" Shop in-game.
    - We removed the not useful items from there and we also added few new items.

    2. Amulet of Pain +7 10% Amp [Character Bind] from now on is [Account Bind] in Yul NPC and to all players who have it.

    3. Stain Clones and Chaos Cores from Yul NPC (Craft Items) are removed.

    4. Sage's Ensign and War Gates (L) and (S) from TG are with increased HP by 20% from total HP.

    5. New BM3 synergy combination for all classes: B:B:A:B

    6. Blader Buff Skill "Intuition" now is back as default, without added Absorb DMG.
    - Default Stats: 90% Flee Rate, 45 Duration and 300s Cooldown.

    7. New shortbuff for Blader: Aegis
    - Cooldown: 300s, Cooldown in TG: 150s, Duration: 6s, Absorb Dmg: 500k
    - Description: Using this buff makes you invulnerable to damage for 6 seconds. You may still attack.
    - You can buy skill book from BI, DS, GD, PL from Instructor NPC.

    8. From now on, you can packs any kind of cabal costumes, helmets and weapon costumes in a GiftBox via Costume Hanger, Hat Rack or Weapon Storage Box.
    - Only HellFire weapon costumes are not solved yet, but next time will be possible to be packs in a GiftBox.

    9. Weapon Storage Box and Hat Rack items are slot-size fixed.

    10. Event boss Franky is temporary stopped.

    11. Guild Emblems are updated.

    12. From the next month will be added new kind of Event in our Scheduled List of Events. It's called "Bring The Item".
    - For detailed information about this event, you can check on this link:

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: