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    Hello Dear Players,
    After month break due personal reasons we are ready to release our new updates. The breaks are in the past and we keep going ahead to increase our contents in our server :P

    The update includes the following things:

    1. Astral Bikecard PW5 is fixed.
    - Effects, Warehouse and Speed works perfectly.

    PS: We found bug with PW5 on some users with windows 10 and we will bring back PW5 as before without warehouse and much speed. We working on solution and when we are ready, we will enable it again.

    2. TG Modifications:
    - The following things are boosted to be more stronger and with more HP:

    * War Gate (L)
    * War Gate (S)
    * Sage's Ensign
    * Legacy Guardian (L)
    * Legacy Guardian (M)
    * Legacy Guardian (S)

    3. Quest items for dungeons EOD1 and EOD2 will drop now exactly amount and you won't stuck anymore.

    4. From now on the drop from all normal maps will be green craft and won't have purple anymore (except the drop from bosses and dungeons).

    5. Trade limit in all channels are increased from 50b to 200b alz.

    6. The requirement of monster kills from the BSLV UP Special Training Quests #1-9 are now decreased. For example: If you have to kill 120 monsters, now they will be like 20-40.

    7. Dungeon: Abandoned City monsters and bosses are with decreased defense, but with increased HP and now it will be more enjoyable to be there and to finish the dungeon.

    8. New Palladium Capsule Quest.
    - You got mission to defeat per 15x times two bosses in different dungeons and after this you will receive Premium Box, only with Palladium items. And this box contains over 700 combinations of Palladium items, where exist the most rarest items in the game. Don't hesitate, just go in party and do the quests together!
    - The Palladium Capsule Quest can be found in Yul NPC(Green Despair), in "Craft Items" section. You can buy it for 50,000,000 Alz.

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: