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  • Christmas Event is Here!

    Hello Dear MN Players!

    We are December month and Christmas is coming so soon and to celebrate the season all together, we've made new, awesome Christmas Event specially for you!

    All channels are invaded by Snowmans in all maps...

    Their boss - "Bad Santa" was spotted by our scouts in Arcane Trace (Channel 1). Their report says that the Santa will appears after around a hour, after its defeat. He is waiting for you and your team to destroy him and to give you some great gifts!

    Our Yul NPC (in Green Despair), will happily trade your blue socks for the ones we have in our stock, but if you like something even more special, gather more socks and get yourself the real cut of the deal! So for every 10 blue socks that you bring us - we will give you 1 red sock, likewise for every 2 red ones - you can get a christmas box, which holds secrets only you may know after opening it!

    Warning: if you decide to see what is inside the socks, they will no longer be used for exchange!

    Lastly, we cannot help you finding the intruders as we were unable to pin-point their exact locations on our maps (but for sure they are not on only one place), so you will have to search for them on your own. However we do have a good news too!

    - For a recap:
    10x blue socks = 1x Red Sock
    2x Red Socks = 1x Christmas Present Box

    Are you feeling fancy to help us? Bring it on!
    Lets keep the spirit and save Christmas together!

    Event will end on 06.01.2019

    Best Regards,
    MN Cabal Online
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