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Trying to solve TG lag problem.

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  • Trying to solve TG lag problem.

    Dear Players,
    From today i decide to take care about the annoying lag in TG.

    I know that's not usual problem, so i hope to solve it as soon is possible. I made some changes in the core of the game, so please take the update from the launcher, so you will be able to join. Also the lag of some players should be solved.
    If this method not work, i will do some other methods, but just to warn you, that will be possible ot have from 2 to 3 restarts of the server per day, until i figure out the problem with the massive lag in TG. ( 3-4 days i guess the problem should be solved and then we starting with the huge updates)

    Have a nice game and i will keep you in touch about the situation.

    EDIT: The problem is solved and no more lags. Have a nice game.

    Note: If you have problem with the connection of the server, just sent one email address to or find the MN Team in discord.

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