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  • New Update July

    Hello Dear Players!

    New updates are released:

    1. Only for NW [170 - 190]: Winner reward is changed with new cube called "Mission Reward Cube", from where your can receive 50/100/150/200m ALZ or 100/150/200/250 WEXP or 1x VCoin.

    2. Only for NW [170 - 190]: The WEXP for losers and winners are increased with 200 WEXP more.

    3. Item: Vote Coin is with changed name: VCoin.

    4. The drop rates of Slot Extender (Highest) are with increased chance in the following dungeons: Chaos Arena lvl6 and Chaos Infinity.

    5. New Astral Bike - Type: QW7.

    6. The mission for Palladium Premium Box is little more easier. The mission will require to kill only 10x times the bosses, instead 15x times.

    7. New mission for Archridium Premium Box. The Archridium Quest Capsule can be found in the same place: Yul NPC -> Craft Items.

    8. By request by some players, now you can see the rest of the HP of every monster, but in numbers:
    EDIT: It's currently disabled due crash problem, will be enabled again soon.

    9. Newer design for: login screen, select channel and select character.

    10. New items in VCoin Shop (Yul):
    - Leap of Hero 15x - 7 vcoins
    - Summon of Heroes 15x - 7 vcoins
    - Wind Elixir Lv.1 (15 sec) 10x - 7 vcoins
    - Holy Water of Traveler (15 min) 10x - 3 vcoins
    - Odd Circle 10x - 7 vcoins
    - BB Wexp (20%) 1 week - 7 vcoins

    11. The WEXP amount, where you buying entries for the dungeons are decreased from 30 to 10.

    12. Monsters "Researcher" in Abandoned City are with decreased HP from 2.5m to 900k.

    13. Guild emblems are updated.

    14. Top voters ranking is reseted and the rewards of 5,000 CC are added. Now the reward for the next month is double more 10,000 CC!

    This is only the first part! Expect these days another update with many new things. I will keep you in touch. Have a nice game!

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to:

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    The newer design is enabled. It should work fine now.
    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: