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    Hello Dear Players!
    I decide to release this update for fast, not together with the update part 2, which will become very soon.

    The updated things are:

    1. Only for NW [170 - 190]:
    Anyone who participates in Nation War and takes the "Mission Reward Cube" as reward, it will receive also: "CABAL Gift Voucher (20 Cabal Cash)"!
    * It's depends by you, how many times you will want to make the Nation War.
    * If you stay AFK in NW, you can't receive Gift Voucher as reward and also you can be kicked from the war.
    * To receive your Gift Voucher after NW, just you have to relogin and will appear Box Button (right of the screen).

    2. Event Boss: Franky is started!
    - We made changes in the item drop list. You can get:

    * 3 types of the latest wings with duration 1 day
    * No-bind potions Holy Water of Sage/Fighter/Critical Strike
    * ACCOUNT-BIND: PCH, PCHH, SEH, SEHH, SGH, SGHH, Stain Clone, Fragment of Chaos, Megaphone.
    * Custom options: bracelets/earrings/amulets with duration 3 days.
    * No-bind Amulet of Pain +6
    * Happy Birthday Ring with duration 3 days.
    * Palladium and Archridium Epaulets with duration 3 days.

    - BOSS Franky will be around every channel, Spawning time is on every 2.5-3.5 hours around. You can find them exactly on these locations:

    Event Boss Franky will end after 1 week. If you enjoy too much, can be increased for 1 week more.

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: