Hello Dear Players!
We prepared you the second part of the updates, which includes the following things:

1. New Dungeon: Tower of the Dead B3F (Part 2)
* Max User: 4
* Entry Item: Epaulet of the Dead B3F (Part 2)
* DP: 7
* Required level: Level 60, Location: Undead Ground (X:111 Y:131)
- You can buy the entry item in Bloody Ice - NPC: "Dungeon Entry Shop" for 10 WEXP.

- Drop rate of the Dungeon:
* Pearl Powder 1x (New Material Item)

* Rings
* Earrings
* Bracelets
* Perfect Cores
* Slot Extenders
* Core Superiours
* Astral Bikecard - Type: PW5 1/2 slots
* Astral Bikecard - Type: RW3 1/2 slots
* Astral Bikecard - Type: Blue 1/2 slots
* Palladium Sets
* Palladium Weapons

* Palladium Epaulets
* Archridium Epaulets

* [RARE]Weapon Option Scrolls (Highest)
* [RARE]Armor Option Scrolls (Highest)

2. New Material Item: Pearl Powder
- This material is needed to upgrade the Demon's Earring. Can be found in dungeon: Tower of the Dead B3F (Part 2)

3. New Accessorie Item: Demon's Earring

- Stats of Demon's Earring:

4. Formula Cards for crafting of Demon's Earring:
- You can found them in Green Despair - Yul NPC -> Craft Items. You can buy one formula card for 50,000,000 ALZ.

Details about the crafts requirements for Demon's Earring:

5. BOSS: Arcane Golem of Rage is with changed drop list:
* Amulet of Pain +6 (increased droprate)
* Amulet of Pain +7 (increased droprate)
* Slot Extender (High) (increased droprate)
* Slot Extender (Highest) (increased droprate)
* Palladium Epaulets
* Chaos Core
* Potions for Wexp: 100/200/300
* Potions for Honor: 2000000/4000000/6000000
* Potions for ALZ: 50000000/100000000/200000000

6. Guild Emblems are updated.

Event Franky is disabled. We preparing new kind of event after a week.

Expect QW7 bike to become available again and another new dungeon will be released, new upgrading system and more!

Manual Patch can be downloaded from here: https://www.cabalbg.com/manual_patch280719.zip

Have fun!