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Eventday 06/05/2017

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  • Eventday 06/05/2017

    Hello fellow Moon Night players!

    Tomorrow (06.05.2017), at 18:00 CABAL TIME, we will host 2 unscheduled events:

    1st Event: Creator Event

    - You'll have to create a random item, made-up by the GM (for example a Aramid Suit 1 Slot with 2 Slot Item Drop in slot)
    - After you've created the item, you have to start searching the GM and trade the item to the GM to receive your reward
    - There's only 1 winner each round

    Rewards for the 1st Event: (5 rounds)
    3x SEHH
    2x Rename Card

    2nd Event: Question Event

    - Common question event with medium-hard questions

    Rewards for the 2nd Event: (10 rounds)
    5x Rename Card
    5x Honor Potion (10m)

    Winners of the 1st event can participate in the 2nd event too.

    Looking forward to see all of you.


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