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  • Easter Event

    Dear Players, Easter Event is ready!

    1. The Easter eggs drops in the following dungeons:
    - Labyrinth
    - Ancient Tomb
    - Holy Windmill
    - Machine Terminal
    - Edge of Phantom
    - Tower of the Dead B3F (Part2)
    - Illusion Castle Radiant Hall (Apocrypha)
    - Illusion Castle Underworld (Apocrypha)

    Easter Egg Items List:

    - Stain Clone
    - Force Core (highest)
    - Fragment of Chaos
    - Divine Fragment
    - Magic Master Potion (Lv.3) 2x
    - Sword Master Potion (Lv.3) 2x
    - Magic Master Potion (Lv.4) 2x
    - Sword Master Potion (Lv.4) 2x
    - Holy Water of Sage 2x
    - Holy Water of Fighter 2x
    - Holy Water of Critical Strike 2x
    - Extreme Holy Water 2x
    - Heroic Holy Water 2x
    - Holy Water of Resistance 2x
    - Holy Water of Flawless Defense 2x
    - Evasion Potion lv.3 2x
    - Evasion Potion lv.4 2x
    - Inexhaustible HP potion (Lv 4) - 7 days
    - Costume Rabbit Doll Mask Female (7 days)
    - Costume Rabbit Doll Clothes (7 days)
    - Costume Rabbit Doll Mask Male (7 days)
    - Costume Shark Doll Clothes (7days)
    - Costume Shark Doll Mask Male (7days)
    - Costume Shark Doll Mask Female (7days)
    - Blazing Summer Cap (7days)
    - Blazing Summer Suit (7days)
    - Leap of Hero
    - Summon of Heroes
    - Alz Potion - 300m
    - Alz Potion - 600m
    - Alz Potion - 900m
    - Pet Slot Extender (20 days)
    - X-Gen Card
    - Pet Change Kit - Fortune Pig
    - Pet Change Kit - Golden Fortune Pig
    - Amulet of Pain (material)
    - Megaphones
    - Pet Untrain Kit - Option
    - Pet Name Card
    - Honorable Circle 5x
    - Odd Circle 5x
    - Archridium Premium Box
    - Palladium Premium Box
    - Slot Extender (highest)
    - Lucky Coin
    - Rename Card
    - Essence Rune - Attack II
    - Essence Rune - Magic Attack II
    - Essence Rune - Critical Rate II
    - Essence Rune - Critical DMG II
    - Essence Rune - Max Critical Rate II

    2. You have to kill per 1x Big Franky in the following maps:

    Bloody Ice (X:122 Y:172)
    Desert Scream (X:155 Y:116)
    Green Despair (X:90 Y:177)
    Port Lux (X:163 Y:52)

    Big Franky Item Drops:

    Upgrade Core (Ultimate)
    Force Core (Ultimate)
    Potion of Luck - 100m
    Heroic Holy Water (15 min.) 5x
    Extreme Holy Water (15 min) 5x
    Holy Water of Resistance 5x
    Holy Water of Flawless Defense 5x
    Evasion Potion (Lv. 3) 5x
    Evasion Potion (Lv. 4) 5x
    Odd Circle 5
    Honorable Circle 5x
    Pet Name Card
    Pet Untrain Kit
    Pet Untrain Kit - Option
    Rename Card
    [ACCBIND]Slot Extender (Ultimate)
    Critical DMG II
    Critical Rate II
    Max Critical Rate Up II
    Attack II
    Magic Attack II
    HP II
    Defense II
    Potion of Wing EXP (200)
    Potion of Wing EXP (1000)
    Wind Elixir Lv.1 (15 sec)
    Piece of Cincture 1x
    Safeguard (Accessories) 1x
    Sealed Demon's Bracelet
    Demon's Earring + 6
    Demon's Earring + 7
    Demon's Earring + 8
    Minesta's Chaos Fighter Belt + 6
    Minesta's Chaos Fighter Belt + 7
    Minesta's Chaos Fighter Belt + 8
    Minesta's Chaos Sage Belt + 6
    Minesta's Chaos Sage Belt + 7
    Minesta's Chaos Sage Belt + 8
    Minesta's Chaos Guardian Belt + 6
    Minesta's Chaos Guardian Belt + 7
    Minesta's Chaos Guardian Belt + 8
    Demonite Epaulet of Fighter [CRAFTED]
    Demonite Epaulet of Sage [CRAFTED]
    [ACCBIND]Armor Option Scroll (Ultimate) - Critical Rate
    [ACCBIND]Armor Option Scroll (Ultimate) - Max Critical Rate
    [ACCBIND]Weapon Option Scroll (Ultimate) - Critical Rate

    Event will expire on 7 April 2024! -- EXTENDED TO 14 April!

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    About donations for the server, write to: