Hello Dear Players!

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, voices whisper in the trees and seeking for your fears...

Are you ready for this Halloween Event 2017

Hunt and kill the Lantern's and collect the halloween tickets and exchange them for awesome prizes in Yul NPC, where you can find it in Green Despair!

We are sure, you will want to buy everything from there at the moment, because there have special items!

You can see two Lantern's in every map and they are around every channels on the server and they appears on random time!

Here are the maps where you can find the Lantern's:

Bloody Ice, Desert Scream, Green Despair, Port Lux, Fort Ruina and Undead Ground.

Halloween Event is enabled in all channels!
End date of the event: 05.11.2017

Have fun!

Best Regards,
MN Cabal Online