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Event Crag Turtle and Double Cabal Cash

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  • Event Crag Turtle and Double Cabal Cash

    Hello Dear Players!
    First, i want to say about Eternal Chaos Arena, that we think we solved the problem with the crashes, but still is under monitoring! Dungeon is working in all channels.

    Because of these crashes of the channel, like compensation we started again Event Crag Turtle King, but with new item drops and Double Cabal Cash Event.

    Event boss "Crag Turtle King"! He is in all channels (3 maps only) with very special items, where you can't imagine even. You can have them for period of time, but first you have to start hunting the turtle boss and to see what will drop.

    Crag Turtle King also can drop Fragments of Chaos, all newest wings with duration and alot of other account bind items like cores, extenders, epaulets with duration etc.

    There also have purple items, which are droppable only from this event, but they are with 12 hours duration.

    If this turtle dissapear, then will show up again after 3-4 hours around.
    You can find him here:

    This event will be disabled between 7 and 10 days.

    Donation Event is started and per every donation you will get double more Cabal Cash!
    This event is started now 19.06.2018 and will end on: 24
    .06.2018 at 23:59h !

    * The event is available FOR ALL PAYMENTS METHODS!

    * The amount of CC for Fortumo and SuperRewards are already calculated and showing double!

    For any questions:

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: