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Halloween Event!

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  • Halloween Event!

    Hello dear players!

    Perfect pumpkins big and round they lay upon the muddy ground, with leaves & vines all intertwined, that's the one that should be mine...

    Are you ready for this Halloween Event 2018?

    Part 1: Kill lanters to collect Halloween Tickets and exchange them for awesome items at NPC Yul.

    You can find 2x lanterns on every channel in each of those maps :

    - Bloody Ice
    - Desert Scream
    - Green Despair
    - Port Lux
    - Fort Ruina
    - Undead Ground

    The more tickets you collect, the more prizes you can get, so go and enjoy killing Lanters!

    Part 2 : Run dungeons with friends or solo and collect Letter "EVIL" and exchange them at NPC Yul for Pumpkin Box.

    You can find letters in this dungeons:

    - Tower of Undead B3F
    - Altar of Siena B1F
    - Forbidden Island
    - Forbidden Island (Awakened)
    - Forgotten Temple B3F
    - Forgotten Temple B2F
    - Hazardous Valley (Hard)
    - Abandoned City
    - Acheron Arena
    - Edge of Phantom

    Enjoy collecting letters and opening many Pumpkin Boxes!

    MoonNight Cabal Team hopes you will have fun during Halloween Event.
    Event will end 11.11.2018.

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