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    Any GM can answer me? can anyone help me ? i really need my account . it was banned last year ago and i really want to use that cause i miss it and i really want to play again .. please tell me who to talk to

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    Considering it's a permanent ban, you will have to wait for the next unblock event (Most likely there will not be another one, so your best chance is to make a new account, and make sure you play fair to not get banned this time :P

    Side note:

    Originally posted by [GML]Lilim View Post
    Hello to all MN players!

    Im tired of questions like this ones: "Sir why did u ban my account?", "Sir i did nothing wrong why u ban my account?" etc..

    Now i will write few things to the people that got banned.

    1. Are you really sure that u dont know why u got banned? If the answer is "yes" maybe u should ask yourself that question again isnt that right?
    2. If u REALLY sure that u dont know why u got banned send me in PM (personal message) your In game nick and dont open new thread.
    3. When i answer u why u banned (probably coz of hacking) dont ask for the proof, coz i wont give it to u.

    And now the most important thing for the people that think that there can be mistake in logs.
    I will have to disappoint u, but there is NO MISTAKE in the logs and every time u tell me "maybe logs r mistake" u should think about how dumb u r when u think that server logs can be wrong.

    So my advice to all MN players is: Think before u post or ask something stupid =)

    Best Regards,
    MN Cabal Online

    Cohesion (I am not recruiting)

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