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  • Event: Halloween Horror Story!

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    The Leg-Parts

    According to legend, every Halloween, a strange and grotesque old lady roams the
    streets, preying on children who are trick-or-treating alone. Some call her
    "The Leg Woman" and others refer to her as "The Legmonger".

    One boy was on his own when he heard a rustling in the bushes next to him. An
    old woman with stringy, black hair and a hideous, wrinkled face emerged from the
    undergrowth. The boy was startled to see she was holding a serverd leg in her hands and waving it in his face.

    "Do you want a leg?", she cried. "Do you want a LEEEEEEG?"

    The boy assumed it was just a halloween prop, but the woman was so disturbing
    that he began backing away from her. She persisted, asking him over and over if he
    wanted a leg.

    Finally, the boy said "No! I dont want a leg!!"

    A group of adults and children who were neaby, heard a horrible scream rining
    out in the darkened street. They rushed around the corner and got the shock of
    their lives when they discovered a young boy lying on the ground in a pool of blood.
    His right leg had been completely ripped off at the hip.

    If you meed the Leg Woman on Halloween night, be careful. She will come up tp
    you and ask "Do you want a leg?"

    If you answer "No", she will tear off your leg and disappear. If you answer "Yes" she
    will grab you and try to attach the severed leg she is carrying to your body.

    The correct answer is "I want both legs!!"

    Happy Halloween to you all. :)

    IGN: Toxicate
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      We finished our search and went back downstairs. We started to discuss the possibility that something supernatural was happening, but then we brushed it off. In some kind of crazy delusion, we wanted to believe that it was really just a joke somehow.

      This illusion would soon be crushed.

      The eerie voice began again. Only this time was nothing like the other times. This time it permeated us completely. We were both completely filled with feelings of despair, hopelessness, helplessness, and pointlessness.

      I struggled to say something, but couldn't manage it. It was pointless. It felt pointless to think at all.

      Tears were streaming from our eyes. We both experienced the sensation of our skin crawling.

      I truly believe we were in the presence of pure evil. This was pure evil that we experienced - and on a personal level. When we snapped out of it, we looked at each other and saw the tears on our faces. When our eyes met, I knew that he knew exactly what I experienced, and that he knew that I knew.

      We also were convinced that this was no prank. By now it was close to 4 a.m., and we were literally exhausted. Jay refused to leave my sister and me there alone, so he slept on the couch and I went to my room.

      I spent a night of terror in fear of going near the bedroom door because of the image of a creature waiting to kill me on the other side. This was not coming from my mind, though; it was coming to me from somewhere else.

      I just lay awake until the sun was up and I heard Jay awake out in the living room. It was a horrifying experience that I did not soon forget and remember like it was yesterday. It's hard not to when something touches your soul with evil like that. And it did just that.


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        In 1897, a family named Otto lived in a nearby house in Chisinau, Moldova. They owned a plantation and had a lot of servants working for them who they treated very badly. One servant girl gave their son, Gene, a present of a doll. What the Ottos didn’t realise was that this servant girl knew voodoo.

        Gene's full name was Robert Eugene Otto. His parents had always called him "Gene", so he decided to give the doll his real name, "Robert".

        Many Strange things began to occur in the Otto household. Many neighbors claimed to see Robert move about from window to window, when the family were out. Gene began to blame Robert for mishaps that would occur. The Otto's claimed to hear the doll giggle, and swear they caught glimpses of the doll running about the house.

        Gene began to have nightmares and scream out in the night, when his parents would enter the room, they would find furniture over turned, their child in a fright, and Robert at the foot of the bed, with his glaring gaze! "Robert Did It".... The doll was eventually put up into the attic. Where he resided for many years.

        But Robert had other plans. Visitors that entered the house could hear something walking back and forth in the attic, and strange giggling sounds. Guests no longer wanted to visit the Otto home.

        Gene Otto died in 1972.The home was sold to a new family, and the tale of Robert had died do....

        But Robert waited patiently up in the attic to be discovered, once again. The 10 year old daughter of the new owners. Was quick to find Robert in the attic. It was not long before Robert unleashed his displeasure on the child… The little girl claiming that the doll tortured her, and made her life a hell. Even after more than thirty years later, she steadfastly claims that "the doll was alive and wanted to kill her."

        Robert, still dressed in his white sailor's suit and clutching his stuffed lion, lives quite comfortably, though well guarded, at the Key West Martello Museum. Employees at the museum continue to give accounts of Robert being up to his old tricks still today...

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          The Black Cat

          These strange sightings happened 2 years ago in the living room.,.,.,
          Few years ago I had a black cat named Salem but I called him Boochucky lol. He ran away after I had him for 2 years and I never had a cat since.

          One day running down the stairs at a glance I saw a black cat sitting in the living room but bigger than normal cats so I did a double look and it was gone and did not think anything of it. Then I saw it again the next day when I was coming from the kitchen, except this time it didn't vanish when I looked straight at it! It was sitting again and looking at the stairs and it was like three times the height of a normal house cat and then it went behind the sofa it was sitting next to and I didn't check, I just stood there and said "oh well". It did not look like the black cat I had, it's eyes were not there it seem.

          Every day for 7 days I saw this cat same place and I just figured I am seeing things and let it go until the sixth day my mother was coming from the kitchen and said "I'm sure I just see a black cat there"... Pointing to the living room! That's when I said ok then I was not seeing things. Oh! I was in the kitchen when she said that.

          Later that day running down the stairs I tried to stop myself from running on what looked like the black cat curled up sleeping on the last stairs but after stumbling it was not there and I quietly said "kitty you trying to get yourself killed or me?". I always saw it in the day time and started to get fed up of seeing it.

          Next night I had my Chinese food, plopped myself in the sofa the cat is usually next to and about to watch TV and eat. I was about to pull my legs up on the sofa when I saw the cat again walking along coming towards my feet and it happened so fast... I pulled my legs up and just looked down and watched it pass and go behind the sofa! The body was long and looked fine and my jaw dropped to be so close to it.

          That's when it got real for me. I peeped behind and saw nothing and I bounced up and went online to see if I can find anything on why I keep seeing this cat. I got no clear answers since some say it was protection and some said evil.

          I did not see it back since until earlier this year while watching TV in the living room, which is on a stand, I saw under the stand a black cat with white bright shining eyes, yes shining eyes, looking at me and was there for a few seconds... Very clear and looked real. I am so accustomed to paranormal things that I just mentioned it to my brother and let it go.
          I wish I knew why I was seeing it though.
          Thanks for reading.




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            I perfectly remember that cold winter night. It was January 13th ,1860, the same day that Paul and I had just got married. We were deeply in love with each other and had decided to spend our honeymoon somewhere remote from the city and the people we knew. We were invited to the luxurious mansion that his uncle, Lord James, had in the country, and we accepted as we did not have any other better choice.

            After leaving the train station, we had to walk for a long time among the woods that led directly to the house. I will never forget the thick mist of that scary silent night, when we were able to perceive the most insignificant sounds of Nature. As I was very frightened, I asked my dear Paul to put his arm around me. Suddenly, we saw a dim light far in the distance that seemed to come from the mansion we were looking for. We sighed and smiled at each other because we felt relieved. However, it was a short-lived feeling since as we were approaching the dwelling, we found a cemetery just in front of the house. Paul tried to comfort me but I did not like the idea of sharing the place for our honeymoon with the dead ancestors of my husband. As we were passing by all those graves, it started to rain heavily and I could see how a rusty cross was beginning to lean forward and backward as though somebody were pushing it from below. That sight made my hair stand on end but Paul tried to convince me that it was only the blowing wind.

            We arrived at the house at last and Lord James welcomed us with open arms. He was standing at the hall with Joan, his new wife, and Veronica, his stepdaughter. They were really kind to us but there was something in the way Veronica looked at Paul that made me feel terrified. She was a short blond girl whose eyes seemed to be hiding something.

            We went upstairs to our bedroom and I lay down on the bed for a few minutes. It was bitterly cold and I realised that the window was wide open. I went to close it but I saw something that gave me the creeps: there was a hole next to a cross, just as though somebody had been digging a tomb up. Maybe I was going too far imagining things...That's why I decided to relax and try to enjoy my first night at the house. After a while we joined the other for dinner. Everything was alright then and I was beginning to feel calm again. Nevertheless, the light of the candles suddenly went out and we were in complete darkness. I tried to hold my husband's hand but I could not find him. Then a fork of lightning lit up the room and I saw that I was alone in there. I could not find any logical explanation as I was scared to death. Leaving the room in a hurry, I decided to look for Paul in order to run away from that horrid place. I began to call him loudly without any answer, but then, there was another bolt of lightning and I could see Veronica and a strange man who seemed to be at death's doors and whose clothes were torn. They were walking hand in hand towards me and I suddenly remembered that tomb I had seen from the window. Yes, it was a zombie, I was sure. I tried to run away but I felt how the zombie grasped my arm heavily. Being scared out of my wits, I began to cry and just at that moment, I opened my eyes and saw how Paul was grasping my arm trying to wake me up. I had fallen asleep when I lay down on the bed and, from that very moment, everything had been part of a nightmare.

            I held Paul tight and, after a while, we joined the others for dinner. Suddenly, the lights of the candles went out...
            IGN: Elvira


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              A little girl, named Lucy, was given a small doll by her parents. The doll was a gift from an ancient great aunt who had now passed away. Lucy was secretly unnerved by the doll which had nasty little black eyes that seemed to follow her around the room and a cross expression on it's face. Nevertheless, Lucy had to accept the doll, as she was well brought up and didn't want to upset her parents by informing them of how uneasy she felt around the doll. Her parents told her the doll was called Arabella. Lucy was even more afraid now that the doll had a name. It seemed to make it more human.

              Even so, Lucy never really believed on a conscious level that the doll could do anything to her. It was just a doll, after all, and only reached up to just above her knee. So, to put her mind at rest, she stuffed Arabella into the little cupboard under the stairs, behind a pile of shoes where her parents wouldn't see her. It was not until a few nights later, when Lucy was lying in bed that she heard a noise...a shuffling sound, which went on for about five minutes. Then, a brief dragging noise and finally, a scuttling like light footsteps walking very fast. Lucy was pinned to the bed with fear, unable to move. Then, she heard a voice - like a very deep, almost masculine tone - but quiet enough not to wake her parents. Lucy always slept with the door open and the landing light on, as she was a little scared of the dark. Therefore she could hear more through her open door. Lucy heard the voice say "Lucy, I'm on the first step"...And then loud scrabbling again as whatever was speaking apparently turned tail and returned to it's place of hiding.

              Lucy didn't sleep a wink that night but laid in fear until the break of dawn when her mother got her up for school. Lucy tried to explain to her mother what had happened the night before, but was so tired that, when her mother passed it off as "just a dream" she didn't have the strength to argue.

              Lucy begged her parents to get rid of the doll, but they insisted that it had been the great aunts wish that Lucy would have her doll. She checked the cupboard under the stairs, but Arabella was exactly where Lucy had left her. She reluctantly went back to bed.

              That night, Lucy fought against sleeping but she eventually drifted off. Presently, the deep disembodied voice woke Lucy again. She wondered if she could only hear it in her head. "Luuuuucccccccyyyyy....I'm on the fifth step.." it said. Then came the scuffling noise and the voice didn't reoccur that night. Lucy was crying by now, and again she didn't sleep that night. At school, Lucy told her friends about the doll, and of course they laughed at her. Lucy could only think that if Arabella was climbing four steps at a time then there was only one more night to go.

              That night Lucy decided to shut her bedroom door. When her mother turned her light out she asked why Lucy was no longer scared of the dark. Lucy replied that she was and could she leave her light on instead of the hall light? But her mother pointed out that her bedroom light was so bright it would keep her awake, and said no. Lucy reluctantly agreed to sleep without her light on. She opened the bedroom curtains instead to light the room a little anyway.

              Just as she began to doze, she heard the noise. And then the voice "Luuucccyyyy... I'm on the top step..." Lucy knew her door was closed but was still terribly afraid. Her heart pounding, she knew if she stayed in bed she wouldn't be safe. So she got up to investigate. She screamed!

              Lucy's parents found her body at the bottom of the stairs. They guessed she was on her way to the bathroom without switching on the hallway light and had fallen down the stairs breaking her neck. Arabella, the favorite family doll, was found beside her body. She was......smiling.


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                She lifted up her head and peered outside through the frosted window. Wrinkled eyes gazed into the bright sky, and a smile came over the old woman’s face when she saw the full moon, shining away in all it’s harvest glory, a perfect background setting for All Hallow’s Eve.

                A loud purring reached her ears as a black cat leaped up on the table next to the rocking chair she was sitting in.

                "Yes, my sweets. Isn’t that a pretty night we have in store for us? Old man moon looks down on us with a wink in his eye tonight."

                The cat stared at her with deep green eyes, attention fixed on every word.

                "You know what this night means, don’t you, Trickster?" The cat let out a soft meow, listening to his master.

                "It is the passing of an age, that is what. Many long years, happy memories, but there is an ending to every story, good and bad. Ol’ Madge here has seen it all, yes I have."

                The old woman pushed herself up from the chair, one gnarled hand stroking the silken fur of Trickster. There was a creaking noise as old bones cracked within the ancient body, stiff joints groaning in protest at the effort made by her to straighten up.

                "Ah, this craggy old girl ain’t what she used to be. Need a dose of the ointment before I go, that’ll fix me for a little while."

                Madge walked over towards a large oaken trunk that was filled with an assortment of herbs, spices, animal parts, jarred collections of insects, packaged powders, and numerous other odds and ends. They were the tools of her trade.

                Rummaging through the contents, she found a sachet containing some brown colored leaves, and when she opened it a sweet odor wafted outwards.

                "Hmm, this will do fine." The crone went over to a wooden cabinet which had vials of liquid scattered about the shelves. She grabbed a tube with a bubbly fluid inside with a purple tinge to it, and then poured the leaves in.

                Wispy curls of vapor rose up, and the old woman drank deeply.

                A look of revulsion crossed her face at the bitter taste, but she shook it off.

                "Not the fountain of youth, but it bestows on me a glimmer of strength, and that is all I need." She smacked her dry lips together, and smiled with glee.

                Madge hobbled over to the great stone fireplace that warmed the cottage, and a black cauldron was resting above the burning flames. A green liquid boiled away in a frenzy, fat bubbles oozing from the surface. She stirred the mixture with a metal ladle.

                "Double, bubble, toil and trouble!"

                "Double, bubble, toil and trouble!’

                Cackling with delight, the old woman churned the foul broth with renewed vigor. The cauldron hissed in answer, and the brew began to fizzle over.

                "Ha ha, that’s it. A ghastly potion for a ghostly night!"

                Madge nodded to herself, and the flames danced before her, casting lurid shadows on the walls of the cottage.

                The image behind the cat grew in size, reaching the proportions of a great beast which was many times the feline’s actual body shape.

                Trickster growled, his dark mane bristling. The master made a gesture in the air, and the front door burst open as the black cat sprang into the night, the transformation beginning to take place. A howl echoed from the woods outside, and Madge shouted in response, the language old and archaic.

                "Rejoice in the wild, my pet. The night calls. Until the sun comes up, when you must return."

                A gust of wind blasted against the cottage, slamming the door shut with a loud crash. The old woman’s wizened face had a trace of sadness on it, and she let out a deep sigh.

                "It is almost time, must make haste."

                Madge opened the closet and reached inside, tenderly bringing out a worn garb, black as the night. A tear trickled from the corner of an eye, moistening the callused cheek beneath.

                "So many years, where have they all gone? How will I be able to face the next one, knowing that my time is done?"

                She pulled the raiment tightly about herself, cherishing the feel of the familiar outfit. The cloak gave her comfort and security.

                "Such little time, and too many things to fill it with, ‘tis a pity."

                There was an upper shelf inside the closet, and from this she brought out a rumpled black hat, pointed at the top in the shape of a narrow cone.

                "Hee hee hee," she chuckled. "A pointed cone for a crooked crone." She set the hat on her head, and brushed back the strands of silver hair that lay tangled down to her shoulders. She began to feel much younger and stronger, but it was only wishful thinking. Potions could give her a teasing of both, but that was it.

                Madge crossed to the other side of the room, wooden floor boards creaking underneath her musty black boots. The heels clicked softly with her passing.

                A reading desk sat in the corner, and a dusty tome sprawled along the top. Strange words and symbols were etched onto the crinkled pages, the lettering written in blood. She leafed through until she found the proper incantation, then closed the book with a snap.

                "Long ago, I could recite nearly every line of verse in half that script. But now....." The old woman shook her head, again being overcome with remorse.

                "More’s the pity, old hag, I’ve had my turn. The wheels of time roll on without stopping, and my moment has arrived to step aside. Only fond memories, no regrets."

                The old woman’s gaze wandered the trappings of the cottage, her domain for countless years. Yes, fate had treated her well, there was no denial.

                "And now, my friend, who has served me so well these many years. Will you answer the summons yet again, on this night of all nights?

                Madge spread her arms wide in appeal, pale yellow eyes closed in concentration. The wind picked up outside, and tree branches scratched against the window panes, bent stick arms moving in wooden animation, responding to the surge of dark power that was building within the cottage.

                There was a flash of brilliance radiating from a section of stone next to the fireplace, and a secret panel was revealed. From the compartment emerged a long broom, stark in opaque blackness, levitating towards the old woman.

                "Ha ha ha, come to me! It is our time again. The sisters await!"

                The broom continued floating, and it came within the crone’s eager grasp as it throbbed with power, pulsating with diabolical energy.

                Madge held the broom up triumphantly, and opened the front door. A strong breeze was blowing, and fallen leaves covered the mossy earth. Sinister figures crouched within the surrounding shadows, lurking among the trees.

                It was Halloween night, and spirits of the nights had awakened in unholy celebration.

                Madge sat astride the enchanted broom, and up she flew to meet with her fellow sisters of the coven. This was her last time as the coven leader, and a new one would be sworn in this Hallow’s Eve.

                She gazed up at the awaiting sky, spotting others of her wicked brethren. It was Halloween night, and for the last time, into that magical night, rode the form of the witch, on her last moonlight ride.

                IGN; tynaaa


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                  One cold night, he was exploring alone on an Island. It seems awakened, forbidden. Various creatures are lurking every where. Being alone, he doesn't have much choice but to face his fear and fight them with his sword.
                  It seems that he still have his SPECIAL POWERS with him as he was able to hit them with one quick sweep. With this, he was able to explore deeper in the island until he come face to face with a GIANT OCTOPUS. Without sweat, he killed the boss with just one hit. He can finally see his way out of this Awakened, Forbidden Island and much to his horror, a wild [GML]Lilim appeared.....

                  Happy Halloween Everyone!
                  R.I.P. Cheaters! This one's dedicated to all of you.
                  IGN: coresss


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                    Her name is Pamela

                    One day, a guy named Matthew just transferred into his new rental room. He is a college student, 18 yrs old of age basically a teen. It's a spacious room for him, alone.

                    (Skype with his mother)
                    Mother: (Shouting) Can you hear and see me?
                    Matthew: Mom don't shout please, i can hear you, but i can't see you. Turn on the front cam, not the rear ones.
                    Mother: Oh that's why, i got it sweetheart. Can you see me now?
                    Matthew: Yep. (Walking around his dorm) So this is my new home, Mom. It's a good one right?
                    Mother: Is it just me or that room is too big for you alone. Do you want me to come every weekend so I can clean it for you?
                    Matthew: Nah, mom i’m fine, you don't need to. I'm old enough to do the house chores alone, besides it is a good challenge for me because I was a spoiled brat back then.
                    Mother: (Proud and Relief) That's my son. (Smiling) I need to hang up now. Lunch break is over i need to get going. Good luck there sweetheart, do your best and study hard. Make me proud.
                    Matthew: (Tears just came out of his eyes) I will, goodbye for now. I love you mom.
                    (Call ended)

                    After the Skype call ended, he returned to the door to get his things and he started to organize it well. When he is done organizing his stuffs, he decided to sit and take a break. While taking a break he spent his time memorizing like every corner or detail of the room. “It wasn't that bad after all.” he said firmly, when something caught his attention, as he stare to it for a minute, he find it odd. He slowly moves toward the strange black thing on the wall. “A hole?” he said curiously. He immediately reached for his phone because he wanted to inform the landlady about it, if she already knew that there's a hole in the wall that is needed to be repaired. But before he call the landlady, out of curiosity he decided to scan the hole with his finger, and finally he take a look. And to his surprise, he saw a girl dancing. But he can't see the face of the girl because it was dancing carefully without looking at the back. But despite her perfect body that fits her red and white dress, and her graceful dance, Matthew thought how beautiful it was to take a peek, and he decided not to tell the landlady about it.

                    The next few days, he found himself standing right through the wall, and his right eyes open and searching for the girl who caught his attention. He watched the mysterious girl carefully as she dance. Matthew thought how lucky he was to have such a wonderful dancer next door.

                    Day by day, night by night. He intend to waste his time sneaking a look into the hole again, because he finds it comforting and trying his luck that one day he will see the face of the girl.

                    But the next day, surprisingly when he tried to peek again, he saw nothing but plain red. “Where is the girl? Ugh, i thought i'll be able to see her face now” he said in disappointment. Since he is disappointed he wandered first around his room, and then he tried to peek again after he ate his lunch. But then there is still nothing but red.

                    Days have passed, and it's almost a week and it is still red. Nothing but pure red.

                    He asked himself “What could it be?”
                    He felt a sudden breeze run through his skin and it gave him chills. And at that moment, he made up his mind and decided to ask the landlady about the hole. He called the Landlady.

                    Matthew: Hi, this is matthew from room 5.
                    Landlady: (Happy) Oh, hi matthew. How was your stay?
                    Matthew: Good, btw i just have some complain about the hole in the wall in my room. Well, uhm… it's just kinda disturbing. Would you mind fixing it?
                    Landlady: (Upset) OMG i'm so sorry about that hole, i assure you that it will be fix ASAP. Do you have anymore concerns?
                    Matthew: Nothing...... really, besides the hole.

                    (Before they end the call)

                    Matthew: (Rapidly) Oh wait, are you still there?
                    Landlady: Yes.
                    Matthew: (Nervous) BTW, how did the girl next door look like?
                    Landlady: (Confused) ..............
                    Matthew: Hey, i was just gonna ask how did the girl next door look like. The one who lives at room 6.
                    Landlady: (Confused) What are you talking about?
                    Matthew: (Aggressively)Don't play dumb with me, there's a girl living next door and her favorite dress is a red and white one. And she is a dancer.
                    Landlady: (Shocked) No you didn't, please tell me you're just guessing and making all of these stuffs.
                    Matthew: I am serious. Do i sound like making things up?
                    Landlady: (Stumbling) That's…… Well, uhm.... You saw Pamela.
                    Matthew: (Surprised) So her name is Pamela such a good name for a girl as graceful like her.
                    Landlady: (Aggressively) I'm not yet done, let me finish. Pamela was the former tenant of room 6.
                    Matthew: FORMER?????!
                    Landlady: (Nervous) Yes, former. She was one of my longest tenant who lived in that place. But she died 3 years ago. No, more likely she's been killed. Raped. And no, her favorite dress is white, not red and white.
                    Matthew: (Speechless) ........
                    (The landlady keep talking on a profound tone) she's been raped, molested and killed. Her dress has been stained with her own blood. And when the cops found out her corpse, her eyes. There is something wrong in her eyes. It became red, red as blood. I don't know the other details, that’s all i know. (Nervous and Scared) You saw her right? Right through the hole, be honest with me Matthew.
                    Matthew: (Scared, Frightened, Terrified) Yeyyee-yes i did, a couple of times.
                    (Matthew hangs up)

                    He was so afraid, and all of the information he got from the landlady is just too much for him. He decided to put a cover on the hole for the mean time. But for the last time, again out of curiosity he tried to peek just to see if it is still red.

                    "It wasn't red anymore....... What a relief” he said. But when things turns ugly, it suddenly became red. Red, not red, to red and not red. It was so fast, like it was blinking.

                    He remembered what the landlady said “There is something wrong in her eyes. It became red, red as blood.” A cold breeze of air hits him, and he pushed himself away from wall.

                    And he said: (Tense) It can't be, no, there's no way. It was her eyes after all. Does that mean she is also watching me behind that wall these past few days?

                    (A loud bang will be heard from the wall)

                    -THE END-

                    I hope y'all like it. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

                    IGN: Seigrain
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                      There was a man named Panfilo who built a house in a remote Mexican village. There were two old women who lived near him and sometimes he would go over to their house to play cards. Their names were Pilar and Fefe. They were tall, thin women with pale narrow faces and dark circles around their eyes, as if they never slept.

                      The two old women were sisters and they were never apart. Wherever one of them went, the other would go too. They looked almost exactly alike and the only way to tell them apart was by their eyes. Pilar?s eyes were green and Fefe?s eyes were brown.

                      The people in the village warned him they were brujas (spanish word for witches) and told him to be careful or they would put brujeria (witchcraft) on him, but he just laughed and said he wasn?t afraid. He didn?t believe in witches.

                      However, as time went by, Panfilo became curious. The old women never left their house after dark. He watched their house every evening, but as soon as night fell, he never saw them come out. Sometimes, he would peer through the windows, but the house was always dark. The only thing he could see were they eyes of their cats, glittering in the darkness. The cats would hiss at him and scare him off.

                      One night, he decided to go to their house and find out what the old sisters got up to after dark. When he peered through the window, the cats weren?t around. He knocked at the door, but there was no answer, so he cautiosly opened the door and went inside.

                      The house was empty and there was a fire burning in the hearth. He was looking around when he noticed something glistening in front of the fire. When he bent down to see what it was, he recoiled in horror. There were two pairs of human eyes lying there. They looked as if they had been taken out of their sockets and left there to keep warm.

                      There was a big iron spoon standing beside the fireplace that was used to gather up the ashes. He grabbed the spoon and scoped up the eyes to take a closer look at them. The two pairs of eyes stared up at him. One pair was green and one pair was brown. It was almost as if they were glaring at him.

                      Panfilo was very frightened and his hand started trembling. He was shaking so much that the iron spoon tripped over and he accidentally dumped the eyes into the fire. They popped and sputtered as they hit the coals and then they began to dance. The eyes danced up and down, up and down, hissing and popping as they jumped.

                      He tried desperately to scoop them out of the fire, but it was too late. They were so charred and burned that they looked like 4 hard brown walnuts.

                      Just then, the two lean black cats came screeching into the house. They ran around his legs, hissing at him and trying to scratch him. Panfilo was terrified. Ha made the sign of the cross and ran out of there as fast as his legs would carry him. He didn?t stop running until he got back to the safety of his house.

                      Next morning, he was still afraid. He was worried that the two old sisters would find out what he had done. He decided to go over to their house and talk to them as if everything was normal, hoping they wouldn?t suspect him.

                      When he knocked on the door, he heard the sisters say, "come in, Panfilo!"

                      He go in. The old women were sitting in their chais in front of the fire, but they hat their faces turned away from him.

                      "We are busy, Panfilo, we cant play cards with you today." they said.

                      Panfilo saw the two lean black cats lying on the floor and they looked up at him and hissed. He noticed that the they didn?t have any eyes. Then, the two old women looked at him and, to his horror, he saw that they had the round eyes of the cats in the sockets where their own eyes should be.

                      Panfilo backed away and left the house. He never saw the two old sisters after that. They stayed in that house day and night and never came out. even so, Panfilo made sure he kept his doors and windows locked and never went outside after dark.

                      I hope it was scary and lol for you! :) Happy Halloween to all!

                      IGN: iFantix


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                        There's Something on The Stairs,

                        So when I was a kid, I would race up to the top of the stairs as fast as I could, like it was some sort of silly game. Well, I must have been five or six at the time. I'm not sure, but I know I was very little. Somewhere along the way, a voice at the top of the stairs started to whisper to me. It would make bets with me, such as... "I bet you a penny you can't make it to the top of the stairs." I don't really think there was a certain amount of time or anything. As I said, I was very little so I probably didn't have any counting abilities anyway. Ha. I recall just sitting at the top of the stairs, having conversations with this voice, about the betting, of course. :p

                        Eventually the voice (it was like a whisper of a man's voice, not my own voice in my head) started to bet me my life. Instead of pennies, it'd say "I bet you your life you can't make it up the stairs blah blah."

                        As I got older it stopped. I never really thought about it at all. I never mentioned it to anyone... UNTIL one night I was sleeping over at my brother's place (I was about eighteen, he was twenty-two) and we were talking about "spooky" stories. Out of nowhere I brought up the "voice at the top of the stairs" and my brother got all quiet and weird. Before I even mentioned the betting aspect, he said "Did it make bets with you?"

                        We both looked at eachother, horrified. It certainly was freaky after the fact. *shudder*

                        A lot of bad shit went down in my family at that period of time in my life, and my mother, a heavily religious lady, said there was a lot of "evil" in our lives at that time. I don't at all think our place was haunted, btw, it was built in the late 70's and as I got older, I never experienced anything like that again.



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                          My Grandmother's House

                          It was around June when me and my family decided that we need to move,our new house was the former house of my deceased grandmother.We happen to take it back since the one who bought the house said he doesn't want to live there anymore.We didn't ask and we didn't care.

                          I had to stop school since my father don't have any job,so all the money we had goes to all our necessities.But there was something spooky in our new house,aside from the fact that it has been decades since it was built,something strange occurrences takes place everyday.

                          There was this time when my mom and dad went to find a job,so I was left alone in the house.I was in a room when I could hear voices,it came from downstairs.I leaned my ear on the floor to hear more clearly,it was like a group of people is having a prayer.As I was on floor,I noticed a hole below my bed,I peeped into it and saw a group of people wearing robes.

                          I locked my gaze into them,when suddenly my phone rang,It took my attention for a moment and it gave me slight shock.I read the message and it was from my mother,I closed it and looked back to the hole,but to my surprise,all of the people downstairs were looking at me.Their face were rotting and they had no eyes,their nails were sharp and they were grinning at me with their rotted teeth.I swiftly went to my bed and hid in my sheets.

                          Later that night,my mom and dad finally arrived.I heard her call me to go downstairs so I hurried,but before I could even set foot on the stairs,someone from the other room said "Don't go down there,I heard that too.That wasn't me!",I was sure that was my mother's voice,I was confuse for a moment but I still followed that voice I heard.

                          When I opened the door,I saw a woman standing on the window.I called "Mom?",but there was no answer.After I called,the woman looked at me grinning with her sharp teeth and glowing red eyes.But what made it more terrifying was that she was laughing hysterically while running towards my direction.My heart almost burst in fear and I quickly ran downstairs,and there I saw my mother and father preparing our dinner.They were alerted when I screamed and comforted me when I cried.

                          I told them what I saw,but they said I must be imagining things.I know my parent's believe me,they can't just afford to move us to another house.I set aside what happened and moved on as what my parents have told me.Although it sound so impossible I don't have much choice.So after dinner,I went to my room and directly went to sleep.

                          As I was trying to sleep,I heard footsteps going back and forth near my door.I was scared but I still took the courage to ask,"Who are you?" it stopped then it disappeared.I felt glad it was gone,then a message on my phone was received.It was nothing but a crappy chain message,I closed it then my phone's light turned off.But before I could even place my phone at my drawer,I saw something on my phone screen.It was a face of very hideous looking creature,it's face was rooting,it's teeth were very sharp and he was grinning and it didn't seem to have any eyes.

                          I was immobilized by fear,all I could do was don't look back,shut up,cry and pray that it goes away.I closed my eyes,and slowly I hid under my sheets and just sleep.I wanted to run but I don't know If I could even escape from this thing,so I just wished it wouldn't touch me if I sleep.

                          Shortly,I somehow managed to sleep.But I was awakened by my phone beeping,it was a message,another chain message.I deleted it and went back to sleep,but I heard footsteps once again going back and forth in front of my door.I was still hiding in my sheets,but I slightly uncover myself to see what was behind my door.Then I asked it "Who are you?" hoping it would go away like the last time.

                          It did stop,I felt calmed.However,the door suddenly creaked open.I just steadied my gaze on the door and was covering my body with my sheets.The calmness I felt,was quickly changed into fear.I swiftly covered myself in my sheets,hoping that it would go away.But to my surprise,the hideous creature I just saw behind me with my phone screen was embracing my lower body and laughed hysterically.Shortly,he started on biting my stomach until I bled and died.

                          Then I woke up,sweat all over my body,my heart pumping so fast,and my body was trembling.I was thankful it was all a dream,I sighed in relief and was about to go downstairs to drink some water.When suddenly my phone beeped,I read it,and it was another chain message.What's strange was,it was exactly the same chain message I had in my dream.I was stunned,and moments after that,I heard footsteps in front of my door.

                          I didn't want to ask who was it,because what happened in dream was something I regretted.I covered myself in my sheets and prayed it would go away.Suddenly,it got quite.I took a quick glance at the door,no one was there and I looked at my sheets but no one was there too.I was about to run when something fell on my face,it was something liquid,it was sticky and it's scent was foul.It came from the roof,I would have thought that it was just some water.But after that liquid-thingy dropped on face,a hysterical laugh followed,it sounded like it was just above me.

                          I slowly turned my head upwards,only to discover the hideous creature looking at me.At that moment I knew it was my end,as it launched itself towards me with it's mouth wide open.

                          IGN : Magik
                          PS: There are a lot of them who is just copying their entries on google(Try to search in google the first sentences of their story or the title.),I hope you wouldn't choose any of the cheaters to be the winners.It would be unfair for people like me who gave effort for this event,cheaters already dominates your in-game events,.. I could give you evidences ,pictures if you want a proof if they are cheating..I am hoping cheating is not tolerated here.I just hope this will be fair and square. :) Have a happy halloween ^_^
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                            In 1895, a family named Rose lived in a nearby house in Canada. They owned a plantation and had a lot of servants working for them who they treated very badly. One servant girl gave their son, Gene, a present of a doll. What the Rose's didn’t realise was that this servant girl knew voodoo.

                            Gene's full name was Robert Eugene Rose. His parents had always called him "Gene", so he decided to give the doll his real name, "Robert".

                            Many Strange things began to occur in the Rose household. Many neighbors claimed to see Robert move about from window to window, when the family were out. Gene began to blame Robert for mishaps that would occur. The Rose's claimed to hear the doll giggle, and swear they caught glimpses of the doll running about the house.

                            Gene began to have nightmares and scream out in the night, when his parents would enter the room, they would find furniture over turned, their child in a fright, and Robert at the foot of the bed, with his glaring gaze! "Robert Did It".... The doll was eventually put up into the attic. Where he resided for many years.

                            But Robert had other plans. Visitors that entered the house could hear something walking back and forth in the attic, and strange giggling sounds. Guests no longer wanted to visit the Rose home.

                            Gene Rose died in 1972.The home was sold to a new family, and the tale of Robert had died do....

                            But Robert waited patiently up in the attic to be discovered, once again. The 10 year old daughter of the new owners. Was quick to find Robert in the attic. It was not long before Robert unleashed his displeasure on the child… The little girl claiming that the doll tortured her, and made her life a hell. Even after more than thirty years later, she steadfastly claims that "the doll was alive and wanted to kill her."

                            Robert, still dressed in his white sailor's suit and clutching his stuffed lion, lives quite comfortably, though well guarded, at the Key West Martello Museum. Employees at the museum continue to give accounts of Robert being up to his old tricks still today....

                            HaPPY HallOWeeN ! :)
                            Ign. PRO8L3M


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                              ''The Cursed Village''
                              Once in my village we had a legend that said "When someone dies in anger or sadness, then a curse is born" and the villagers say that in a house once lived a family where the father killed in anger his wife and she swore before dying that will hunt every man who will live in this house. So ego with my brother went to this house one afternoon to explore why not both we were idiots to go at night. When we walked by a window we start looking. We found old things and antiques, we went to the upper floors. For abandoned house was in good condition, except in some cobwebs broken glass and very very dusty. We walked into the kitchen and started looking. We found moldy food and water in a jug. Suddenly from nowhere they began to fall on the floor and dishes breaking. My brother because she was afraid of legend. He started yelling and I told him to burst. This happened as a white cloth and closed his mouth but I still heard a scream. A female scream. I caught him by the arm and pulled him to leave. In the corridor as running from the lighting bulbs popped my brother continues to shout but managed to get out the window. When he came at a safe distance from the house my brother was too distraught to even talk he could. After a while he realized that had nightfall. That night we slept together. I do not know what happened and I have no appetite to learn.
                              IGN : Cr1tSh0t