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[Guide] Events Instructions

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  • [Guide] Events Instructions

    Hello guys in this guide i will explain what you have to do on each event ....

    To participate, you must be in Channel 1 (Event)!
    You can check the Schedule from HERE.

    Bring Item event [ NEW ]

    Rules are simple - EM goes to some location and shout:
    (Example) My location is : Bloody ice X:... / Y:... , bring me Ring of Luck +2 x3
    Then you will have to find the requested items and bring them to the EM.
    First who give the items on trade to EM, will get his reward in return.

    NOTE: If you are trading with Event Master and you don't give him requested item, you will be kicked.
    Also the requested items will be selected by the EM during the event, so it will be completely randomly every time.

    PvP Tournament Event:

    For this kind of event there will be posted special thread here on forum where you have to make a reply and apply . Also you will find additional information about rules , place of event and etc.

    How to apply?

    Post on thread ( When is started ofcorse )
    You need to write down your exact name, level and class.
    Application will be closed 1 day before the actual group starting.

    Hide and Seek (Find) Event :

    On this event Game Masters will hide them characters from normal players and will be announced a Map where normal players should search them . In case that you find hiding Game Master you will earn special gift .

    Question Event :

    On this event Game Masters will set questions to normal players and if their answer is true then that players will earn special gift.

    Race Event :

    On this Event you have to race with your opponents ( Normal players ) using you astral board/bike to a certain place. If you get this place first you will earn special gift.

    Shop Event :

    On this event Game Master will open personal shop on 1 Chanel (EVENT) with a special items with prices lower than 1,000,000 Alz . If u are the faster guy you can easy buy that items from shop .

    Guild Dungeon Time Event :

    On this Event you have to make a party with best players from your guild and do certain dungeon for better time than rest guilds . I am not sure what will be the gift from this event so i cant say anything.

    Drop Event :

    On this event you have to follow Game Master who will drop special gifts.

    Kill Game Master Event:

    One of Game Masters will add to his/her character much stats and will let players to PK him/her . First player who kill him will earn special gift .

    Scrabble event NEW*:

    On this event you need guess word with messed up letters. Example GM will write UGLPINERP and you gotta write NIPPERLUG.All words are about cabal and if you will be fastest you will win.

    Shop In Auction House NEW*:

    Its like regular shop event but here you can be on every channel and gotta be fastest by finding items. GM will set many items to Auction House with low prices in some minutes and all you gotta do is find the item and buy it.

    Best Regards
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    Nice one +1 :)


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      Very good guide!!! +1
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        +1, nice guide.


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          Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
          About donations for the server, write to: