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    Moon Night Cabal Guides and Tips for starters updated.

    - After creating a character you'll be in level 150 already with Archridium upgraded sets.

    "You can use your Battle Mode 3(BM3) When you finished the Battle Style level up 3. You can check you Battle mode 3 at Skills (K) Special Skills."

    To have a Battle Aura Code.

    Go to your NPC Instructor and get the quest name "Inner Discovery" then proceed the following questions so you can pick your aura code.

    Proceed to Battle Style Level up
    - You can get your Battle Style Level up at
    instructor Quest. When you're FS/WA = Bloody Ice Instructor. WI/BL = Desert Scream Instructor. FB/FA = GD instructor.
    - For the Monster kills for battle style level up quest (BSLVUP) Like Blaze Hound, Dark Phalanx, Flame Zombie Slayer, ETC you can kill those mobs at Desert Scream at Mummy Mobs area.

    - When you complete your Battle style level up 3, you can use now your Battle mode 3
    Leveling up your Battle mode 3.

    1st. Have the Core alchemist Transmuter (Yerte Alchemist in Port Lux "Quest")
    "Choose wisely for the transmuter option of what character set you had to prepare for your Demonite set."
    -50 Stain clones for lvl 2 BM3, 70 Stain clones for lvl 3 BM3,
    -Minesta Craft Stone 2 for lvl 2 BM3 (Can be bought at Alchemist NPC), 3 for lvl 3 bm3
    for WA/FS class in BI alchemist, for FB/FA class in GD alchemist, for WI/BL class in DS alchemist
    -Trance Force 2 for lvl 2 BM3 (In Grocer NPC) 3 for lvl 3 bm3
    -Then RIGHT click the Minesta Craft Stone
    Another way to get stain clones
    1. By having a quest from minesta quest capsules
    1. Use Minesta Quest Capsule 29 (3pcs)
    2. Buy DX DG entry Another Ruined Train Card (1pc)
    3. After Killing the Steam LHJ-86C it will DROP proof of warrior (3x) DON'T pick all the quest items, DON't Break the CHEST yet and DON't click the Warp.
    4. Pick (1) Proof of Warrior 1st
    4. Select character so the DG won't be finish.
    5. After relogging DON'T Enter the DG yet get the quest first to Port Lux (Harper) instructor .
    6. Use the Minesta Quest Capsule 29 again.
    7. Enter the DG again and loot the proof of mercenary 1 pc.
    and so-on..
    1. Use Minesta Quest Capsule 31 (3pcs)2. Buy DX DG entry Ever-Heated Hot Lava Stone (1pc)
    3. Kill the last boss but don't finish the DG yet. Just do the same as option 1 above.
    • Minesta Quest Capsule 29 or 31 can be bought at Bloody Ice Minesta DP Shop for 10 DP each. Also at Porta Inferno and Arcane Trace DG any mobs.
    Another way to get stain clones
    2. From Tpoint shop for 15 Tpoints each
    3. Exchange mncoins into stain clones at Yul Green Despair Map
    -Video guide for Stain clone farming click the link below .

    Class Rank Honor
    Honor Points is the points to increase your Honor Rank and to get Titles.

    To gain Honor Points
    1. By Joining Nation War or buy WEXP potions or Honor Points Potions.
    2. When you earn 100wexp or more, you can exchange it to Morison Officer at Port Lux, and choose the change to Honor Points.


    Have a nation first in easy way
    To pick nation (For No Nation only):
    You must deposit all your alz to your storage and withdraw this certain amount of alz then relog.
    (1,234,561 alz for Capella)
    (1,234,562 alz for Procyon)

    NATION War Schedule
    6 Nation War everyday
    02:00 - 06:00 - 10:00 - 14:00 - 18:00 - 22:00 server time
    To change your Nation war (For those who had a nation already)
    Buy Black Transmuter at webshop it cost 300CC
    Right click the item and get the quest from Port Lux officer MORISON and take the quest named Dark Wanderer.
    Quick instructions if you are a newbie to Mission War:

    You need to kill Legacy Guardians. Press M to show the map and go to the closest Green or Red base.
    If you die, click "Resurrect at Point", and then click on a big Blue Arrow on the map.
    You want to get 100 points before the time runs out: (You need to gain 100 points to earn wexp and bonuses after the war)
    Attacking Legacy Guardians is the best way to get points.
    Attacking enemy players also gets you points.
    You get points for taking damage.
    Try to stay with a group; the bigger the group the better.
    Regular pots heal a little. Press N and buy Vital Gear(HP), which is much more useful.

    The team that scores the most nation points in 50 minutes wins.
    Team points are scored primarily by capturing bases, by defeating the bases' Legacy Guardians.
    The game can end before 50 minutes is up if one nation captures all the bases. This is a called game.
    Capturing bases

    Strategy map of the mission war battleground, Tierra Gloriosa
    There are 17 bases in Tierra Gloriosa:
    A home base for each nation, 2 total
    3 small bases on each side, near the home base, 6 total
    3 medium bases on each side, past the small bases, 6 total
    3 large bases located in halfway between the home bases, 3 total
    Defeat a base's Legacy Guardian to allow base capture
    Capture the base by clicking on the Legacy Barrier.
    A Legacy Weapon and a treasure chest will drop
    The player that captures the base gets dibs on the weapon.
    Anyone can attack the chest and get dibs on M.War potions.
    After your nation owns the base, Force Towers can be built.

    Stationed Towers
    Each base has FT Control Panels, or locations for building towers.
    Small bases have 1 control panel
    Medium bases have 3 control panels
    Large bases have 8 control panels
    Only party leaders and party members can build towers.
    The control panel becomes usable after your nation captures the base.
    Stationed towers can be purchased with either Alz or Nation Points.
    (Building by alz give the Nation more points and 0 points for building in Nation Points) Tip: Build by alz not by points
    Only party leaders and party members can use points when making towers.
    Effect-type towers have a Large AoE.
    Building Resurrection or Warp Tower with alz gives you 9 Score.

    Points are scored in plenty of ways:

    Attacking enemies
    Receiving damage
    Healing allies
    Building Force Towers with Alz
    Blocking or Evading enemy attacks
    Debuffing targets
    Attacking Legacy Guardians is the best way to get points.
    Attacking enemy players also gets you points.
    You get points for taking damage.

    The formula to calculate points is: [Offensive score+ Heal Amount + Defensive score +(Force Tower Build ) /10,000
    So every 10k damage you do or take earns 1 score. An enemy nation kill or your own death will automatically reward you an additional 10k damage dealt (1 point).
    Press the V key and click the Details tab to see your current points.

    If the score the player gets in Tierra Gloroisa calculates to 30 or lower, he will not gain War Experience for that Tierra Gloriosa session.
    Recently, the game has added a system that will kick players out of Tierra Gloroisa and reset their score to zero if they have not gained points within a 3 minute period.

    Personal Reward
    Alz & Buff Capsule Cube
    Only for NW [170 - 190]: Mission Reward Cube (opening it can receive 50/100/150/200m ALZ or 100/150/200/250 WEXP or 10-15 MNcoins)
    "CABAL Gift Voucher (20 Cabal Cash)+ 1 Warcoin "! It's depends by you, how many times you will want to make the Nation War.
    To receive your Gift Voucher after NW, just you have to relogin and will appear Box Button (right of the screen).

    You receive WExp (War Experience) if you collect 100 or more points in Mission War regardless of nation.

    Saint's Force Callibur War Weapon (SFC)
    Will be every Sunday at 3PM server time (15:00).

    • MNCoins = You could sell or you could use check NPC Yul at GD for more item
    • DGCoins = If stock 127pcs it can be sold to NPC by 1,270,000,000 Alz .check NPC Yul at GD for more item
    • WEXP 2000 = After War you will gain wexp, if u could stock 2000 points of it you could exchange it at BI WEXP exchanged and sell it to a good price.
    • Vouchers = Can be gain after winning the Nation War from Teirra Gloriosa also by donating the server by clicking the link
      you can sell vouchers for a very high prize of alz depends of the demand.
    Activity System

    New system to earn alz more easier is, Activity System
    Activity system is the new system on the server that you can earn alz by doing Daily Quest on each chosen Dungeon.
    To check Activity system, click the Activity system information on the right side of Cabal logo.
    You can pick which DG's are suited on you to go and gain the alz prize after finishing the DG.

    -Craft Materials is the easiest way to earn alz,
    • Stain Clones,
    • Elemental Stones (Fire,Earth,Ice,Wind)
    • Chaos Cores,
    • Pearl Powder,
    • Material Core (Demonite)
    • Quartz Core (Demonite)
    • Astral Core (Demonite)

    Prices of these craft materials are changing depends of the demand. But these items are useful and worthy to sell.
    Farming Sigmetal sets/weapons and you have Periodical Remote Shop. You can easily Sell the trash items and you can gain some Alz in time.

    -Loot trash items and sell it to NPC or Periodical Remote shop.
    When you reach level 160 you can stay or farm at Porta Inferno, Items that useful to hunt and sell are
    Key of chaos 6 = Price changes depends of the demand.
    When you reach level
    180 you can stay or farm at Senillinea, Items that useful to hunt and sell are
    Key of chaos 7 = Price changes depends of the demand.
    When you reach level
    190 you can stay or farm at Nostalgia Forest, Items that useful to hunt and sell are
    Key of chaos 8 = Price changes depends of the demand.
    -To have Periodical Remote shop you can buy it at Tpoint shop/webshop.
    - T-Points, A T-point is a bonus point that you acquire through playing MNcabal.
    For every 7 minutes you spend playing CABAL Online, you get [1] 0ne T-Point!
    When you get enough T-Points, you can exchange these points for in-game items with the corresponding T-Points at T-points shop on Bloody Ice.
    Click "Ctrl+R" to check your T-points acquired.
    *When you reach
    200 Tpoints buy "periodical remote shop" first, I suggest to have that so you can sell your trash items easily.
    DG Farming
    -There's some Dungeons that reward you an Dungeon Points (DP) after the Dungeon is finished, Dungeon Points (DP) you can use it on some special items that can be bought from Port Lux DP Changer.
    -When you already had Battle mode 3 and Battle Aura Code. You can use them together and combined the stats.
    -DG that to easy to run with the beginners items are
    1. Seal of Darkness(droppable in Mutant Forest Map) = Pick Mithrils and Cores, the Mithrils better sell it to NPC or Periodical Remote shop and the cores sell at auction house.
    *For Dungeon Drop List visit this link

    Middle Item/sets planning

    -Finish your Battle Style Level Up quest until level 190 it gives you additional stats.
    -When you earn much alz. Check at the auction house if someone selling cheapest palladium items 8-10 amp (best way +20).
    -You need palladium +15-20 to run or solo the DG's like
    Broken Epaulet of Dead, Chaos Arena 6 and 7, Ethernal Chaos Arena, Illusion Castle and Radiant Hall.

    Special accessories

    1. Tempus ring/Awakened Tempus Core Item : Can be loot at Epaulet of dead 3 Part 2 last boss . And you need to buy the Awakened Tempus Ring at NPC YUL Green Despair Town, For 5B and Tempus Ring requirements.

    2. Leth' Tyrant Ring: Can be loot at Epaulet of dead 3 last boss, more drop rate here, (Tempus) and last boss Leth Tyrant at Forgotten Temple

    3. Awakened Tyrant's Ring: Next upgrade for Leth Tyrant Ring, requirements are Leth Tyrant Ring and Cursed Leth Tyrant ring (can be drop only at forgotten temple 3 last boss). Craft formula can be bought at YUL Npc at green despair.

    4. Bariald Ring : Next upgrade for Awakened Tyrant's Ring, requirements are Awakened Tyrant Ring, Cursed Bariald Ring and Slot extender Highest. Craft formula can be bought at YUL Npc at green despair.

    5. Orphidia's Amulet : Can be loot at Hazardous Valley (Hard) Entry name (Nearly Hatched Egg). Can be drop at Last boss Orphidia. The amulet give a random stats of amulet, perfect stats will be 3AMP 4CDI 4CDI and 4CDI 3AMP 3AMP.

    6. Demon Amulet : Can be found at Hollya Keldrasil(Mysterious Twigs)

    7. Demon Bracelet : You need 3x Fire Stone, 3x Ice Stone, 3x Wind Stone, 3x Earth Stone, 50x Divine Stone and 50,000,000 Alz to get a random + Demon Braclet

    Forgotten Temple B2F - Earth Stone
    Forggoten Temple B3F - Fire Stone
    Maquinas Outpost - Ice Stone
    Pandemonium - Wind Stone

    All Stones at DP Shop in Port Lux

    - Demon's Bracelet isn't binding and can be put in Agent Shop (Lady Yekaterina).
    - Sealed Demon's Bracelet isn't binding and can be put in Agent Shop (Lady Yekaterina). You can find them here : Random Items -> Sealed Cube
    - Stones are not binding and can be put in Agent Shop (Lady Yekaterina). You can find them here : Craft -> Normal Materials
    - Demon's Bracelets you get randomly from Sealed Demon's Bracelet (+0, +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6, +7, +8, +9)

    8. Amulet of Resist: You need to loot 10x divine stones fragments at Chaos Arena 7 DG and exchange it to Yul NPC to 1x Divine Stone.

    9. Demons' Ring :
    • can be looted at Hollya Keldrasil/Flame Nest
    • BOSS: Arcane Golem of Rage/ Ancient Dragon
    1. with (6th option)
    2. with (7th option)
    3. with (8th option)

    There are more special accessories to upgrade your accessories, But it need more item and damage to get all of those. The guide only for starters.
    Tempus Ring Crafting
    -Get Mergahep's ring: Mergahep's ring can be found and drop at Epaulet of Dead 1 at the last boss (The Mergahep's), the item drop named as Sealed mergahep's ring. You need to go at Bloody Ice alchemist to unsealed it.

    -Killian Ring: Killian ring is the next upgrade of Mergahep's ring, materials are 1. Mergahep's ring, 2. Killian's Limbic Tonsil Cell (drops in eod b2f from Killian boss) , 3. "Black Cat's Tear" which is sold by Keller for 50m. It looks like a green bottle.
    -Killian quest problem solved: The quest for Killian's ring that you receive from Keller is titled as: "Killian's Power Sealed Within" - If you do not have this quest, there is a chance you mistakenly deleted it. You can restore it by going to "General Quests" and click the "See deleted quests only".

    -Tempus Ring : Tempus ring is the next upgrade of Killian Ring, materials are Sealed Mergahep's ring, Killian's Ring, Slot Extender High
    and 200,000,000 alz. The craft item for tempus is located at Yul NPC at Green Despair map.


    -How to Put Critical Rate or Max Critical Rate on the item slot.
    better check this video for a better guide in crafting

    - For end game set you need specific transmuter to craft your end game sets such as demonite set, goodluck for it. :)

    - Check NPC Yul at (Green Despair Map) there are more stuff you can craft of what you needed.
    -Crafting Amulet Of PAIN (for artifact transmuter user) But you can get the idea to do for another options.
    Have the Core alchemist Transmuter (Yerte Alchemist in Port Lux "Quest") I Suggest to get the artifact transmuter.

    >Press "F" to check your Crafting Specialist
    >Go to Amulets
    > Craft one to have an exp boost and acquire to craft amulet of proof
    > when you have amulet of proof get your license for level 2 at Yerte Alchemist at Port Lux
    >Proceed to level 2 and so-on until you reach level 7 crafting.
    >Amulet of Pain +6 is a requirement item to craft Amulet of PAIN of AMP you need 5 pcs of it to have amulet of pain +7 .
    But you can also craft amulet of pain +7 if you have a great luck.
    Vote our server to received "Vote Coin" and "Wing Buff"

    When You read this Guide You should aware of the Server rules. Please VISIT the link Below
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    how to put critical rate on weapon/item guide :
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    Updated! 2024-03-16

    I didn't include end game sets this guide is for starters only. Goodluck!
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    Sweet as SUGAR, Cold as ICE ,
    Fool me Once, I Kill you TWICE.

    how to put critical rate on weapon/item guide :
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