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Damage hacking fb.

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  • Cassiel
    Banned. Thanks for the report. #Closed

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  • slicethebread
    started a topic Damage hacking fb.

    Damage hacking fb.

    HELLO MNCabal staffs! I caught this FB using damage hack. Take note that this one is a regular TG player and we, from capella, have been complaining about a female FB who can always 2 hits on us. Doesn't matter if we have bm3+aura or not, he can always kill us by attacking twice. And this one is really a wise one, he's really careful about how he plays so no one can notice that he have been using hack. i got the evidence on the video. make sure to watch it in HD.

    as you can see here, i activated bm3+aura mode. and take note i have archiridium gears +15. and hes the only one who hit me, with a damage of 18k! yep, absurb damage 18k!!! :( many caps are complaining about this FB and i was lucky i caught him off guard :))

    female FB: 68127050