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  • TG no.3

    IGN: Ikoma

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    Hmm, Look slow at video you will see from where him was blink is a bit more distance^ So it's Posible.


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      you can't blink in between of them i tried it ^^ you can blink in the side of it but in the middle you can't blink :D


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        try doing play pause play pause in the slow motion part so that you could see it ^^


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          This one is hard to tell. As i know, there's no blinking hax. if his on wall hack, he should have walked on it. And your view of angle is hard to tell the exact position that WI was in. no clue.


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            your bugged


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              check the slow motion part then. so you could see the "angle" and do play pause play pause in slow motion for assurance

              tg no.4 report and tg no.3 = same TG only so aoe also bugged ? in that 17134341 wiz ?


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                if a person its close to wall and one up the both person with aoe skil well get hit spell ignore walls or obstacle

                exemple for tg no 4 same scenario
                if you want go test its the same story pve or pvp
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                  ok case closed for tg no. 4 but tg no. 3 is still a big question


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                    Do how was say Murphy, and u see is posible. Here can cloe is no hacker.


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                      nope that angle is impossible to blink in like that in the side of that you can blink but in the middle its just too impossible the slow motion part explains it.


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                        this is the evidence then you say its not a hacker?? are you blind?? its definitely guilty for using 3rd party program..all i can say...stop protecting the hackers/3rd party program user.. so this server will be more enjoyable and fun to play... ^_^...

                        the player caught in the video must be ban ^_^

                        xHazuki04 of Chaos Brigade..
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                          I think, on slow motion video portion, you can see Ikoma "running" a bit away, after that spell use.

                          During this "short running" it could be a dash, because WI had an option of dashing/blinking that time, and decided for a dash.

                          Why dashing didn't appear? Maybe it was a dense activity on war that time. Sometimes I see some move too fast too, but when I think about timing, then, for that case of yours, you have exactly about that amount time needed for dashing.

                          So what there could be is:
                          1) Ikoma attacks
                          2) Ikoma dashes (but we see it as running)
                          3) Ikoma uses blink.

                          However, my feeling tells me not to ignore chances it was a cheating, but the chances are less than the chances it was a normal use of skills, just a delay from server.

                          Check these pics if want:

                          Enough time to do dash and well, why would he run, right? So maybe he used dash skill and we saw it as running.

                          Hope it was a useful opinion from me.


                          By the way, invest time on editing some videos that can tell a story or some intro video or video retouches. It will be a lot more creative and contributing to your skill set.

                          I see that you like editing and so do I. But reports of this kind, you put effort in that but it is not going to be something to look at for long terms or anything enjoyable, or what you could be proud of. Save the trouble of editing it this much and simply include the video in the report, because after the case is over it will simply be forgotten or trashed away. Hence, invest time in other, more important, media projects.
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                            check the video again.. ^_^ ..stop protecting the hackers ^_^


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                              Originally posted by xRhazkie View Post
                              check the video again.. ^_^ ..stop protecting the hackers ^_^
                              For me to build up my reply on your evidence, I reviewed the video several times, if this tells you anything - I just think that the type of a reply I had given, had also given you the idea of me carefully checking your video.

                              So then, why don't you check own video
                              frame by frame
                              and compare it to how much takes to cast
                              a dash + blink