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    Originally posted by holyflower View Post
    Back to my question:

    eghm Eghm EGHMMM????????????????

    Out of all, my ID pops up in there xD and not just that, on top of all I happen to notice it myself too xD

    But yes, ignore it, jeromeO will help me investigate more about the meanings behind those strings xD, am I correct jeromeO?
    ill translate it to you...

    its like i wanna punch you right now.. hahaha...

    i didn't know its you [GA]Cylina...ahahaha

    its me xTetsuo


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      now you are xTetsuo xD

      I visually remember your name but it's been long ago, I barely can recall much of it by now, I am sorry, but visually I still remember you x)

      xTetsuo = BL, right?
      if I dont mistake you used to have white hair and haircut of this type:

      But anyways, you guys have certainly given me a hard time laughing. I mean it just happened: for my name to occur in the chat, for Hazuki to express his love feelings towards holyflower (dont take it seriously of course) , and I didn't realize the possibility but thanks to murphy, it also had some concept of you being in the shock after you learning it was me, cy. xD

      Talking about tiny chances of all that to come in one place called "report"..

      Be careful with that in the chat next time xD might be some secret info about someone else haha :D

      But still:
      So if you didn't know it was me, would you still punch the poor cy? yes? xD

      I imagine you blushing in the hardest way possible now, cheeks are all red, of a tomato color x))))
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        ahaha... LoL ... i haven't know that it was you...i wanna really punch this guys....ahahaha.. :P ... well see you in TG (GA)Cylina ^_^