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Cattleya([GM]Flyzor) non cd blink, wh, over range.

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  • Cattleya([GM]Flyzor) non cd blink, wh, over range.

    Hello! My appeal to the administration on account of this character using the cheats in the war (or extremely unstable Internet, but in this case he should have permanent disconnect). Actually, everything is visible on the video, with full hp it moves absolutely normal, but as soon as its hp drops to a dangerous level, it starts moving like ncd user, stood in one place and in a second is already at the other end of the base.

    It was also noticed that he can use skills in a few textures, literally being in 20 meters from the goal.

    There is also a screenshot where, after he was spotted by a screenshot (the above), he began to write sarcastic messages to the victim. It is very sad to see such inappropriate behavior of the representative of the administration on one of the best private servers. Please take action, thank you.

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    1st about video, internet I am using atm is not one of the best and when few ppl are in then wi-fi I lag very hard as u can see on the video.

    2nd about photo, it's same reason, cus with bad net (bad connection) i see yourself in front of me and I can hit you.

    3rd about "inappropriate behavior" i saw ur reports about me that u sent to Roman ([EM]Hoia) and it made me laugh. All your guild is chasing me all tg, I kill you and then u cry I am hacker.
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      1st. Who gave you the right to communicate with people who came to the forum to understand the problem like this? This is exactly the representative of the administration or the child who came after school and writes from the account of a gm? Watch your language please.
      2nd. If you were well aware of the problems with your intranet, you saw perfectly well what lags. That you can do things like this (killing people through textures in 20 meters from yourself, quietly disappear on a flat place and be on the other end of the base for one second). Say what made you laugh? but what's so funny? How do you kill a 2-day character in 20 Meters from you? Indeed, I did not immediately understand how ridiculous it is. Just lagging the Internet huh? is this your excuse? you knew perfectly well that the Internet lag and still continued to go to war? Have you even thought about the consequences of your actions? What can you bring total discomfort to absolutely everyone in the war? Or now such things are in order of things? "aah, come on, you guys, I just have bad internet." In my opinion, this is unacceptable. And if you knew that the problem in your intranet and still decided to take part in the war, then you must take responsibility for your actions! and not just brush off the problem by saying "yes it's just an internet bad" after and at all to allow sarkazm in the direction of the victim like "YO MAN REPORT ME LOL I I LAUGH SO HARD"
      3rd. All our guild. Yeah. 2 people. Yeah. Chasing. the whole war. Yeah. and then they began to cry that they were killing us. Yeah. I now can not understand, it's one of the best private servers. Why it is impossible to take in a command of administration of adults and adequate people who do not jabs the saliva aside simple players when them in what that start suspecting? On account of that war. We don't chasing u, we just block the base, and all what u do it's just dying, using a lot of odd, dying, using a odd, saving yourself for low hp using "bad internet" and so on in a circle. Thanks for the free kills btw.
      Can I hear the chief administrator or the HGM here? In my opinion, this Gm is not competent, unrestrained, allows himself to be rude to me and in the end he admitted himself that he knew about the problem with the Internet and still allowed himself to go to war. You can see the result on the video and on the screenshot. In my opinion, this is not permissible. Take a simple example, if an ordinary player had come with such "bad Internet" and in such ways (as in the screenshot) would have killed a gm game character, then how much he would not tell about his "bad Internet" would be immediately banned without deletions. Thank you.


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        As you can see i am moderator, rights have already been given to me.
        You are playing from 2 days and you are already telling me that i am not competent?
        As far as killing you from "20 meters" same happen to me, nobody around but i receive dmg.
        We aren't stupid, we know when problem is cus of internet (on video u can clearly see it).
        And who are you tell me if I should play tg or not, it's my decision, lags are problems for me too.
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          Who am i? I'm the victim of your "bad internet". Knowing well about the problem, you still go to war and bring discomfort to ordinary players. If you can kill anyone from 20 meters using the lags of your internet, this is called a prohibited advantage. Your definition of "bad wi fi"? Is this sufficient justification in your opinion? And you do not care what your lags look like cheats? This is what tells me that you are absolutely not competent.


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            Lags aren't all the time, also i also feel discomfort but can't fix the problem. So with lag or not, dying cus of that lag or killing cus of it, I will continue playing tg cus you aren't the one is going to stop me.