Hello Everyone,
I would like to know you guys that we only received/accept reports for. (in-game)

Making conversation in loud/shout/megaphone chat using foreign language. (1-15days banned)

Having bad behavior, racism or rudeness behavior against another player. (1-15days banned)

Using hacking tools/3rd parties software in-game. The report must Video record. (Permanent banned)

Using macro by Farming alz, (Permanent banned)

Buying and selling alz "IN-GAME only" (Permanent banned)

Loot Scammers/loot runners, it will take 48 hours to take action, if the the loot scammers will insist the item won't be retrieved and they will get permanent banned.

For lost/scammed/deleted items and scammed accounts, deleted characters is not the staff responsible so don't expect we will help you about this.

Reply in this thread for reports thanks! https://forum.cabalbg.com/showthread.php?t=8694

Thank you guys and please be aware.