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  • We would only accept reports for ...

    Hello Everyone,
    I would like to know you guys that we only received/accept reports for. (in-game)

    Making conversation in loud/shout/megaphone chat using foreign language. (1-15days banned)

    Having bad behavior, racism or rudeness behavior against another player. (1-15days banned)

    Using hacking tools/3rd parties software in-game. The report must Video record. (Permanent banned)

    Using macro by Farming alz, (Permanent banned)

    Buying and selling alz "IN-GAME only" (Permanent banned)

    Loot Scammers/loot runners, it will take 48 hours to take action, if the the loot scammers will insist the item won't be retrieved and they will get permanent banned.

    For lost/scammed/deleted items and scammed accounts, deleted characters is not the staff responsible so don't expect we will help you about this.

    Reply in this thread for reports thanks!

    Thank you guys and please be aware.
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