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I am here again to do some suggestions

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  • I am here again to do some suggestions

    Dear Admin,

    I am here again to do some suggestions about the game, so please chill guys no flames.

    1)Again we would like to request for the senillinea boss drops please change it to Palla. I am seeing so many bosses not being killed because of the drop rate is archidium which basically a good party will take about 10-15 minutes.

    2)Mostly cabal players are TG oriented and to be honest I like what you have done with the changes it really did put an impact on the server, the quantity of players doing TG is increasing but one notable scenario are the waiting list players going to nations who are winning in disregard with the score they have as long as they will get more WEXP. I would like to suggest to have a weekly mission in TG like a capsule accumulated score in a week example 2k and the reward would be like consumables examples bike scrolls Char bind,PEOX 7 days Char bind,PCHH char binds, SEHH char binds(0.001%) chance and all kind of consumables and more. I prefer char bind so they will focus on their main char and not crossing rivers just to get Wexp. You can try for a test run if it is effective. Consider it as an event since we will be having an event halloween that is like 3 months from now.

    3)Maybe you can add Black Transmuter in Yul maybe around 10 coins

    4)Safeguard for belts I know it would be expensive crazy as hell.=GV

    5)20 slots for pet=more GV

    6)Resistance Belt

    7)Please upgrade the damage of BM2 Special skill so we can put in use. Nobody is using it since damage is lower than the skills. It would be cool if it is upgraded. It would be cool seeing those skills again to put in Use.

    That would be all for now..Peace...
    Last edited by Obir; 16 July 2019, 08:19.