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Default Event: Valentine Day!

Hello to all MN cabal players ! Valentine day is comming soon and it's time for the new forum event <3 <3 <3

I want to see how creative and good writers you are :P Everyone who participate and follow the rules will recieve 1000 coins (1 gold voucher) Dont even try to make new accounts to participate in event just to get more coins i will check every account before i choose the winners :P

So here in this event you have to make screenshot and write a love story, you can also make it like a strip if u want, you can edit your screenshot and everything however you want as long its a love story with picture or pictures. Show us how creative and good writer you are ^^


- If you make only screenshot without a story, it doesn't count like u participate in the event.
- Everyone who participate write your in game name.
- Don't use rude words in your story.
- Don't insult players in your story.
- Don't use staff members names in your story.
- Don't use racism in your story.


1. Place - 30 000 Coins
2. Place - Archridium epaulet of your choice (Sage, Guardian or Fighter). You can choose only 1 epaulet.
3. Place - Slot Extender (Highest)

Event will end 18.02.2015. 10PM server time.