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Old 8th February 2015, 12:32
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Default Event: Valentine Day!

Hello to all MN cabal players ! Valentine day is comming soon and it's time for the new forum event <3 <3 <3

I want to see how creative and good writers you are :P Everyone who participate and follow the rules will recieve 1000 coins (1 gold voucher) Dont even try to make new accounts to participate in event just to get more coins i will check every account before i choose the winners :P

So here in this event you have to make screenshot and write a love story, you can also make it like a strip if u want, you can edit your screenshot and everything however you want as long its a love story with picture or pictures. Show us how creative and good writer you are ^^


- If you make only screenshot without a story, it doesn't count like u participate in the event.
- Everyone who participate write your in game name.
- Don't use rude words in your story.
- Don't insult players in your story.
- Don't use staff members names in your story.
- Don't use racism in your story.


1. Place - 30 000 Coins
2. Place - Archridium epaulet of your choice (Sage, Guardian or Fighter). You can choose only 1 epaulet.
3. Place - Slot Extender (Highest)

Event will end 18.02.2015. 10PM server time.
Old 11th February 2015, 14:06
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Are u guys kidding me? I delete all posts now, if someone type something that isnt about event i will ban u for 7 days, no joke seriously.
Old 13th February 2015, 15:06
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It was a snowy season and a warrior was about to go for a mission, when he suddenly meet an exceptional beauty that was waiting for someone under a big pine tree, he was struck and felt something he can’t explain, he wanted to ask the girl about her name or the place she live in, but the brave warrior was defeated by fear of the girl might just ignore her, he was about to go and just forget about the girl and go for his mission, yet then he stopped and made a realization, he said in his mind, I was a warrior for a very long time, I slaughtered enemies just to attain peace and served my fellow men, but I guess this time I have to fight something for my own and I don’t have to back down, if fail then I’ll be a warrior for the rest of my life, and if I win her heart I will rest forever in her arms.
The warrior ask the girl and they had chat, he found out that the girl was the same warrior who fought and said she had enough, she wanted to find a place and live a normal life, the brave warrior had made up his mind and express his feeling without hesitation, he said do you believed in first love or fairy tales? Because when I meet you my darkened road becomes light, the girl then replied. I was the same warrior like you and my heart is already made of stone, but when I saw you it melted like an ice, I don’t believed in anything a man says to me, but you’re an exception coz you made me something sure it Isn’t me.
They both hold hands as they go to find a place where they can live in peace, together on mission for the happiness they deserved.

Sorry about my english Lets make peace not war, No hate

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Old 13th February 2015, 15:41
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Default Valentines Event story ^^

Tuesday night 2:00 am wasn't just like a movie ? We just stop talking as we used to be because of that one thing happened.And there I find myself just flinging onto somewhere . . . Then I found someone to talk to.we didn't even know each other yet,but I feel like I know him though. We used to be friends for I think 15 days^^ and then we didn't realize that we're already falling or I should say In love .I forgot it all about the past relationship that I've had before,because everything inside of me now is living in his heartbeat . Going through,I don't want to think that I'm gonna lose him cause we got that real love . . .One day when we're together,he told me that he was leaving cause he need to complete something I said"we'll do that together?"but "no cause he need to finish that alone he said". So there's no turning back! He keep a promise that it will be alright. . .and he will come back And if he couldn't he said he still keep what's ours.(I need to accept whatever happens to him) but he promised to come back. A mail was sent by him. It was like a month and he was is not arriving yet,I was waiting everyday in this place .(I keep mailing but he is not responding) Where is he? (no he will never gonna leave me)Even when all the lights are fading,even then My hopes are shaking I'm here holding on. I knew it ! I was like crying the whole day because he was hit by a monsters.(someone told me)I'm drowning I'm hanging on the line here baby ,you said you'll be alright but how ? I keep blaming myself for letting you go. .
---- Is it worth it ? I will love You forever baby ! Even though your not here. . .i promise you're always be here in my heart then until now I never love anyone else because in my heart and in my mind I play it back everything that we had. Because I only want you Forever baby. **THE END**
IGN >>> (wi)BeaMiraXERO <<< ♥♥♥BeaMiraXERO ♥LOVE♥ PoLekeH057♥♥♥ ��[IMG][/IMG]

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Old 14th February 2015, 04:24
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Default Dub-Dub Dub-Dub so this is LOVE?

IGN: Perona

I'ts the first day of my high school life and I woke up late, I didn't got the chance to take a bath, to eat and even brush my teeth.

While I was running on the street I saw a girl who's running too but in the opposite side of the road and on my mind was (why is she so clumsy for a girl, on the very first day of school..maybe she's one of those girly girls who put make ups for an entire day.) And we both ended up on the schools main gate and it was closed because were late. She said hi to me and when I looked her in the eye she smiles and my heart skips a beat (I'ts the first time that i felt something weird, a feeling that I'd never been experienced before but I don't know what it is.)Hi my name is Perona I'm a freshmen (When I start to talk I remembered that I didn't brush my teeth.) Then a teacher approaches us and said "hey you two, why are you late? Oh whatever just come in the school will start in a few minutes. Then Perona asked me Ahmm hey what class are you? Where both freshmen's right? And I answered yes, then she suddenly grabbed my hands and said lets go, were gonna be late (Dub-Dub Dub-Dub I feel it again these feelings when she introduces herself to me and then again my hearts skips a beat and I fell that my face is hot.) Perona said why are you blushing? (I don't know what exactly blushing means but when I looked at her face it's all red and her lips looks like it's so soft and kissable OMG what was I thinking damn.) Finally we both reach our classroom and surprisingly were classmates. Since we were late the teacher said that we will be seated at the back.

After the class
Hey wait a minute your Albert right? lets be friends (Dub-Dub, Dub-Dub these feelings.) yes I'm Albert Ahmm sorry earlier I just don't know how to talk to girls. It's okay Albert see you tomorrow then bye, okay bye.

when I got home, I'm still wondering what happened that morning, those feelings, emotions, blushing and the Dub-Dub, Dub-Dub in my heart. Oh maybe i'm ahmm in...in... in heat stroke, yeah heat stroke right because its hot that day yeah that's it.

On the School

Good morning Albert, then I said yeah good morning Per..Per...Perona and then she smiled.

Ahmm Perona may i ask you a question? If you don't mind. Yeah what is it Albert, Perona when I first met you I felt strange I mean my heart skips a bit then I hear Dub-Dub, Dub-Dub and you said i'm blushing is that a sign of a heat stroke? Perona said LOL your silly it's, i think when you feel those things maybe your in LOVE HAHHHHH wait Albert wait a minute you fell those when we met right? Then I said yes your right Perona, (then something happened Perona's face is red again and that moment I realizied that I was blinded from the start and I feel inlove with this girl)

And from that day forward whenever I see her face my feelings grew much stronger and we became bestfriends and now I know what love is, love is when you cold heart feels Dub-Dub, Dub-Dub and so thats love.. [IMG][/IMG]

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Old 14th February 2015, 14:53
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Default Million Dollar Question

My life was so simple then… in fact, simple and boring…
until I got hooked in the net of Cabal world.
It was a pleasurely day playing my favorite game
Til that fortunate cabal event
I rock the game being a force bladder,
you were the most stunning force shielder…
I felt like an underdog doing everything to get your attention
til I finally did…
Then friendship started like a stud of roses blossoming into the most beautiful flowers imaginable..
I didn’t even realize that we were worlds apart.
In fact as my day starts, yours was about to end..
As the sun sets here, daydawn breaks there,
I don’t even care if I have to use up bulk of my allowances
just to stay in this game. . .
But that didn’t matter a bit
Then flood chats and mails rushed in,
I would even slam my unit when the internet connection here
fails as I could not visit cabal world…
I would never forget when I felt like winning the biggest lottery there is…
Getting close to you, not just as friends, nor just a good one
But when we finally leveled-up into the status of “special someone”…
I thought I was the only one rowing the boat
I thought that I was a hopeless romantic
But now, I see things differently….
The cold and bold force bladder finds colors of red and different hues in channels and maps with the special someone in mind.
I couldn’t even think of a duel with my special shielder as I would even let my character die for her…or kill all other bloody heroes for her…
How I wish for us to further level up to that status of “in a relationship”
Now, the one million dollar question is : will you be my girl?
How I wish for that “day” to finally come..
So I wont be sulking all day and night in this game, trying so damn hard to find you hoping against all hopes for you to please….
Answer yes to that one million dollar question!

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Old 15th February 2015, 09:56
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fail upload by me i posted a new one .. please check it out, its the post below me

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hi please check out our submission for the event. hope you guys like it :)

IGN : lPyro

the numbers are the correspondent order of the story and of every order of the strip
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Old 15th February 2015, 12:22
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IGN Esche
Its the end of the summer. Its been a long and very hot season. And like the most people the summer is the season when u expect time full of surprices and having a good time. Going to beach,hang out with friends and the time u seek for some love. Well its been almost the same for me. Its been the last day of school and we started to prepare for the greatest summer ever! On the next night we decided to go out and stay late. And so we did. The night started normally,when suddenly we saw a group of boys in front of us. I was with my friends Maya and Raili. When we came closer to the group of boys it turned that My friends know them. We decided to hang out together. At first sight i didnt noticed nothing special. Then we went to one bench. The boys took their sits and there was no place for us. So they offered we can seat on their legs. Maya and Raili agreed immediately. Ive should think it about 5 mins before i make it too. But after a long day of walks i was tired and sat on "his" legs. Then we started talking about our lives,representing and stuffs like this. When he started to talk ive noticed that he smells very good which for one girl is important. He told me that he is not from our city,not even living in the country. That his parents went to better place and he comes home only summers so he can meet with his friends and rest from school. So we spend the all night talking about ourselves. On the next day my phone started ringing. It was unfamiliar number. I picked up and it was him. He asked me if we go out tonight and i agreed cuz he looked very good boy and it was funny with him. 2 weeks past and we were going out every night. Me,him and our friends. Then suddenly he offered me if i want to go out just the 2 of us. My first though was not to do it,but he was very insistent so i said yes. We went to a coffee and he was a bit different. I asked him what is happening and then he explained me that he started to like me more then just as a friend. I was a bit shocked. Yes,he is very good looking boy but never had not such thoughts of him. After that meeting we stopped to talk for about a week. Very hard week for me. Something was disturbing me. A strange feeling appeared in my stomach. Then i decided to call him and i was like not giving him what he wants easly and that he should fight for me. The time past and day after day ive started falling deeper and deeper inlove with him,so he did. It was great time,best time in my life. Spending it with someone which i trully love. But like everything else and that relationship was at its end. Not because of vanishing love,but that he was about to leave for the starting new school year. Its been such a pleasure. His smile,his aroma and everything about him. Then the day came. We sworn that the next year will be the same. That our love wont disappear. I hugged him so hard, i didnt want let him go. He kissed me and left. His airplane flew. I was alone. And now i am looking the sun and think about you,because u were my sunshine. I miss you and i will wait you!
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It's a comic.
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