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Old 6th December 2017, 04:58
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Icon2 New Drop Rates and Updates

Hello Dear Players!
Let's say stop of the boring game! Let's play all together and to loot the best items of the game!

We made fully new, randomized drop rates modifications of 3 Dungeons specially for you!

They are:
Abandoned City, Awakened Forbidden Island and Tower of the Dead (B3F)

90% from the items, which can drop from these dungeons are:

Archridium Sets/Weapons - 7/8/10% all skill AMP 1/2 slots, Crit.RATE 8% 1/2 slots, 16/18/20% Crit.DMG 1/2 slots, mixed crafts

Palladium Sets/Weapons - 7/8/10% all skill AMP 1/2 slots, Crit.RATE 8% 1/2 slots, 16/18/20% Crit.DMG 1/2 slots, mixed crafts

Earring of Guard + 8 , Force Regeneration Earring +7, Vampiric Earring + 8 , Bracelet of Fighter + 8, Bracelet of Sage + 8, Vampiric Earring +9,
Extortion Bracelet +7, Ring of luck +4, Critical Ring +4, Core Superior (High), Core Superior (Highest), Slot Extender (High), Slot Extender (Highest),
Astral Bikecard - Type: RW3, Astral Bikecard - Type: Blue, Potion of Honor, Perfect Core (High), Perfect Core (Highest), Epaulet of Sage +8,
Epaulet of Fighter +8, Epaulet of Guardian +8, Archridium Epaulet of Guardian, Archridium Epaulet of Fighter, Archridium Epaulet of Sage, Palladium Epaulet of Sage, Palladium Epaulet of Fighter, Palladium Epaulet of Guardian and some hidden ones...

One of the most rarest items are scrolls (you should be really big lucky if you got this):
Weapon Option Scroll (Highest) - [Secret Options]
Armor Option Scroll (Highest) - [Secret Options]

- The drop rate of Tempus Ring is increased.

- We also changed the CC price for all entry items from "Dungeon Entry CC Shop" NPC. Now all of them are decreased to 1-2-3 CC per entry, instead ~50 CC.

- The bike scrolls from the Christmas Box are not bind anymore.

- Stain Clone 1x is added in TPoint NPC for 15 TPoints.

- All guild emblems are added.

Expect more new changes, very soon. I will keep you in touch.

Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на: [email protected]
About donations for the server, write to: [email protected]
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